Turning center machines chamfer of focus canister helix

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Zhou Xiang of analytic rotor spare parts wears the problem that when milling of mural helix chamfer is machined, appears, introduce to improve process designing to debug from clamping apparatus structure wait for a respect to realize normal treatment. Graph graph of analysis of state of treatment of 1 spare parts shows 1 focus tube 1 times focus canister (aluminous) it is to be in one Duan Zhi arc already was machined to wear mural chamfer and two paragraphs of helix to wear mural chamfer on the canister form preform with good car. Thick 4mm of spare parts wall, the milling cutter of usable Ø4 is direct and statified mill chamfer, but those who need to use machining center is add the C axis function of four-axle or turning center will come true, what the article chooses is turning center machine tool. When use graph 2 show the discovery after simple and easy clamping apparatus is machined, because be treatment of the chamfer that wear a wall and groovy form is longer, pure use axial clip to press, will be out of shape because of clip pressing when treatment and cannot assure flooey wide requirement. In chamfer of middle of form of straight arc chamfer wide can achieve only 3.

4mm, stand by the width that two end are in groove to also cannot assure 4mm. Inclined chamfer is out of shape although the circumstance is some smaller, but also cannot achieve dimension requirement, canister column also produced a change because of this highly everywhere, deformation and size of axial clamping force become direct ratio, what clamping force crosses a hour to still can create the work when milling is machined is relatively rotational. Configuration of this clamping apparatus agrees with only week of condition that cuts shallow chamfer to mill, to wearing mural chamfer milling not to suit. Pursue 2 axial place the outfit that press type to place a structure to pursue type bilges to hold clip construction inside 3 flexibility of structure of 2 clamping apparatus improve design canister form the centering clamping apparatus that locates with wall is used commonly type clamp method bilges inside flexibility, the radial of instead of the means that use power that can press axial clip uses force means, it is to prevent axial metabolic to had better settle way, suit this spare parts to fit the requirement that places fixed position. But the clamping apparatus configuration of standardization is more complex, consult its job principle, made to former clamping apparatus some improve, used what the graph shows 3 times to simplify configuration, increased a stretch wedge that shows cone to cooperate with arbor to cover, assured effectively to machine quality requirement already, reduced production cost again. To assure the dependability that clamping apparatus uses, clamping apparatus design makes should make following considerations: Stretch wedge is covered and arbor should be pressed cooperate requirement grinding, and taper cannot too small. Stretch wedge is covered should quench in order to obtain hardness. Stretch wedge covers freedom size of the hole inside focus canister workpiece should be compared below condition small 0.

2mm. Stretch wedge covers distance of front axial activity to expand according to radial quantity and cooperate taper computation to be worth + design of 1 ~ 2mm. To facilitate line cut is machined, stretch wedge covers design of mouth chamfer appropriate to be even number 4 or 6. Because chamfer of focus canister helix all is a chamfer in mural thick way, but in wedge the prior operation on face of the circle outside covering goes out 0.

2mm lets knife space greatly. Bedspring is used at assisting stretch wedge to cover to pull out, discharge when need to loosen locknut only, wait for workpiece and stretch wedge to cover show work can be taken out when becoming loose, assemble and unassemble workpiece is simple and quick. When the milling of design turning center of machine program of the spare parts on 3 turning center is machined, main shaft should be changed for feed C axis, the 11st knife in bit body go up installation head, in order to realize the whirligig of milling cutting tool. Workpiece coordinate origin is set in place of centre of turning circle of workpiece right end panel, direction of each reference axis is shown 3 times like the graph, criterion machine program of this spare parts designs as follows: Mode of 01235G98(minutely feed) M24 (switch arrives milling mode) G28 U0 W0T1100(changes T11 cutting tool) G28 H0(C axis is answered 0 directional) G0 G54 Z-5.

5(takes a knife to start of straight arc chamfer) M13 S3000(starts head) G0 X62.

The knife below 5(arrives outside workpiece near the surface) M98 P1236 L9(calls a subprogram 9 times) G0 X100(radial retreats a knife) M15(shuts head) G28 U0G28 W0 (X, Z is answered 0) G28 H0(C axis is answered 0 directional) M3001236G1U-13.

F100M08(leaves a sword and cut) H180.

Chamfer of F300(mill straight arc) G0 U13.

(Carry a sword) W-7.

(Move another chamfer start) G1 U-13.

F100(leaves a sword and cut 0.



Chamfer of F300(mill helix) G0 U13.

(Carry a sword) Z-12.

5(moves another chamfer start) G1 U-13.

F100(leaves a sword and cut 0.



F300(mill another helix chamfer) G0 U12.

M09(carries a sword, carry less 0.


5 (moves the Z of start of straight arc chamfer) G28 H0(turns to start of straight arc flooey, to fall again one prepares) M99(returns a main program) above program is to press block format of system of FANUC-Oi-TB numerical control to ask to write. Because what use cutting tool lesser, and the power of head of be confined to, the program is cut by every deep 0.

5mm, with advocate, the subprogram calls formal design, every mill is over the knife is carried to return the knife below the first chamfer to be in after 3 chamfer again below mill one. The process designing form that uses a subprogram to call but better land is solved statified the problem of the program volume that repeats treatment, simplify greatly program volume. But initiative deepness and the design that raise knife amount every time are crucial, this program is to use increment process designing, every mill is over 3 groovy hind are carried less up 0.

5mm, the position carrying a sword after the high position that leaves a sword first should be over according to last mill assures to be in workpiece surface is ab extra and computative affirmatory. 4 epilogue mill wears the clamping apparatus of mural chamfer to be different from the clamping apparatus requirement of mill shallow chamfer, use the radial means using power that type clamp bilges inside flexibility, it is to prevent axial metabolic to had better settle way. Clamping apparatus design is differ want surely constrained at the standard, want to understand a principle only, union applies a circumstance actually to simplify its structure, with can satisfying use requirement already, can operate again simple, raise efficiency to be a principle. Canister form the machining center that Zhou Xiangxi chamfer needs to use turning center or heads add rotor undertakes machining, but the milling function of turning center is small-power design normally, accordingly treatment of its process designing is distinguished again at machining center, want to master process designing regulation only, hold crucial place, can design proper program. CNC Milling