What is long and thin axis? What is the turning characteristic of long and thin axis?

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One, the definition of long and thin axis: Compare continuously with the diameter when workpiece length be more than 20 ~ 25 times (L/d>20 ~ 25) when, call long and thin axis. 2, because itself of long and thin axis is rigid poor (L/d value heals big, tigidity is differred more) , can appear in turning process the following problem: 1, workpiece suffers cutting force, self-prossessed with the action that mental efforts leaves when rotating, meeting generation bends, oscillatory, affect its cylinder badly to spend with exterior surface roughness. 2, in cutting process, stretchy generation curves workpiece be heated be out of shape, ; Turning undertakes very hard, serious when can make workpiece gets stuck between the tip. Accordingly, car slightness axis is the treatment technology with a kind of greater difficulty. Although the car is long and thin axial difficulty is greater, but it also has certain regularity, basically capture central wearing and the use that follow tool carrier, solve workpiece heat to be out of shape stretchy and 3 crucial technologies such as appearance of geometry of logical choice lathe tool, problem with respect to be readily solved. CNC Milling