Helix bevel gear in 5 axes the cutting on machining center is machined

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Axis of graph 1 Vertex 5 machining center rotates in configuration trunnion type after workbench, can the last look face of the aperture inside the end panel of turning gear, treatment and the treatment that try outfit card to finish whole gear through one-time shift appeared now a kind of new treatment method: The high accuracy that although use 5 rods,machining center machines medium, low batch is annular gear. Mitsui Seiki (Mitsui essence machine) the vertical of CNC numerical control of the company and horizontal machining center have such effect namely. Generally speaking, using a hand to move gear hob or cutting of gear of special CNC numerical control to machine a machine tool is manufacturing high accuracy annular gear is mixed the most quickly the most effective process instrumentation, special apply to big batch production to use. To the gear cutting production of medium, low batch, appeared now another kind of new treatment method, this uses 5 rods namely machining center. Mitsui Seiki USA (company of United States of Mitsui essence machine) claim, its a few clients are using his 14 class of 10 ~ apply vertical of CNC numerical control and cutting of horizontal machining center at spaceflight to mix generate electricity the annular gear of the industry. Apparent, to these applied domains, the production lot of the spare parts is not quite tall still, use machine tool of special gear cutting without reason, but it asks what to use 5 rods the productivity of machining center, can satisfy the treatment requirement of high accuracy and intricate geometry appearance. For example, the machining center of Vertex VMC vertical of this company can be used at machining a diameter to amount to 16 In (1in=25.

4mm) large helix bevel gear. Machine tool of one of this type special edition installed an axis to sway type rotates workbench, can use at accurate turning to process an operation. After using this one configuration, the turning that amounts to 3 kinds can be finished to process an operation on the machine tool, still include the milling treatment of gear annulus circle and teeth of a cogwheel. These treatment can undertake in gear after trial assembly gets stuck, the one-time shift before heat treatment is finished. Graph 2 anyhow, the software that production of the treatment on machining center of the HU80A-5X that the diameter is as high as the helix bevel gear of 35 In to be able to be in this company horizontal is this all technically to be developed with the domain is a main technique, make the gear cutting treatment on machine tool of this one grade scored a success. Company of Mitsui essence aircraft and CNC Software company (the collaboration of software of Mastercam CNC process designing produces business) , founded jointly make helix bevel gear the process designing program of method of cutting tool of intricate geometry appearance. The treatment of helix bevel gear also can use machining center of horizontal of HMC of a 5 axes. This company report says, 5 axes a kind of in machining center the largest type -- HU80A-5X horizontal machining center, using at producing a diameter to be as high as the gear of 35in. Sale engineer Mr Mark Speier of company of Mitsui essence aircraft says: "One of profit that produce gear wheel on this kind of machine tool are: Gearshift gear case and gear casing can be machined on same table machine tool, produce decelerate gear case even. Gear case body is the workpiece with very strict requirement of a kind of precision. The precision of these two kinds of spare partses, having immediate concern to function of drive of electromotor all one's life. " the view according to Mr Sperier, gear is by installation on a plane, rotate next 90 (or other and proper point of view) , while so that make,end panel milling cutter is undertaking rough machining, the outline of gear can be machined in the cutting on first-rate angle. This company still is in the equipment with the turning operation new configuration that is this one machine tool, such users can try the goal that efficient treatment production achieves after holding card in one-time shift. The economy from treatment facilities, carries trial assembly of processing process, one-time shift to block place to have precision that reduces a hardware and raise craft to control the element such as the level to consider, the integral cost cost that produces low batch gear wheel on 5 axes machine tool is OK rival with photograph of traditional gear cutting machine tool. CNC Milling