Equestrian Er nicety measures appearance (Suzhou) Digimar 817CLM 680mm of measuring instrument of height of limited company nicety

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This product surveys a system for type of the double grating that read a head, inside buy temperature sensor, 2D measures function and intelligence to measure an order, introduce motor drive, inside buy a variety of operation languages (contain Chinese) , contain USB data port, u95=(1.

8+L/600)mm, measure repeatability most be as high as 0.

5mm less than, can weave 40 measure an order. This product is used at present the form of the exactest the double grating that read a head on international surveys a system, indication resolution is amounted to 0.

1mm, intelligent operating sequence incorporates multinomial latest technology, roll out the Chinese menu that fits Chinese market above all in international brand, its measure precision to be in the market is in top level in congener product. CNC Milling