Achievement of American TA newest science and technology lands China

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On March 9, 2005, mr of president of TA whole world.

The ARG2 of product of newest innovation science and technology that TerryKelly brings TA for Chinese client flows change appearance and Q5000 heat weigh analyzer. AR-G2 is the first will patent magnetism in suspension bearing technology flows commercially change appearance, have exceed control of low torque of accept rice class. It rose to flow at present almost change the every technology index of appearance, make the function eminent Er of AR-G2 not group, become stress control shedding changes the heat of Q5000 of another milepost   in appearance development process weighs analyzer to share two kinds of model, have different applied field. Q5000IR heats up heavy analyzer, those who have patent attestation is brand-new balance design, the infra-red radiate body of heater that overspeed warms up, efficient take shape automatically implement with whole automatic and corrective process. Another, have the adsorption with powerful function to analyse a technology -- Q5000SA heat weighs analyzer. Of patent attestation brand-new balance design, efficient many take shape automatically implement with advanced damp generator (pick from instrument website) CNC Milling