Contemporary solder the technology makes medium application in the car

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Soldering is a kind of necessary technique in contemporary and mechanical manufacturing industry, in the car wide application receives in making. 6 big assembly cannot leave bridge of the engine of the car, gear-box, car, frame, automobile body, railroad car to solder technical application. The article is detailed the applied circumstance that new technology solders in introducing a car to make and overall development trend. Soldering is a kind of necessary technique in contemporary and mechanical manufacturing industry, in the car wide application receives in making. 6 big assembly cannot leave bridge of the engine of the car, gear-box, car, frame, automobile body, railroad car to solder technical application. In the production of car component, solder of solder of arc of solder of protection of gas of arc welding of solder of spot welding, protruding, seam welding, solder rolling protruding, welding rod, CO2, argon, gas welding, drill rod, friction welding, electron beam solder and laser beam welding all sorts of soldering in the method, because spot welding, gas protects solder, drill rod solder,have yield big, automation rate is high, high speed, low cost, solder the characteristic that be out of shape small, Yi Cao, enclothe component to suit particularly to thin plate of car automobile body so, accordingly, apply in car production most. In investing charge spot welding is occupied about 75% , other solder the method is occupied only 25% . As the development of auto industry, product line of outfit of solder of car automobile body also is in gradually to full automatic change directional development, to overtake international level, raising yield while, the demand rises a car to produce quality hard. Well-known, the production precision that the premise that implements automation is component wants very tall, the hope solders be out of shape the smallest, solder place exterior wants relaxed, reason asks to solder the technology is higher and higher. Our country faces the opportunity that adds WTO and challenge, solder the promotion application of respect new technology is having all in all effect to the brand promotion of auto industry. One, auto industry place uses solder the manufacturing industry of applied circumstance automobile of method and component is to solder one of industries with applied the widest range, what use solder the means is phyletic also and various, its apply a circumstance to be as follows: 1.

Resistance welding (1) spot welding basically is used at automobile body assembly, floor, door, side wall, back wall, front axle and small component to wait. (2) much spot welding is used at railroad car of car of automobile body motherboard, carry cargo, door, bonnet and boot lid to wait. (3) protruding solder and solder rolling protruding is used at hoof of lever of automobile body component, shock absorber a powerful person, apply the brake, bolt, screw cap and little support to wait. (4) seam welding is used at brim of rain of automobile body coping, shock absorber to seal head, gasoline tank, muffler and engine oil dish etc. (5) is used at steel group, platoon to wait into lever of gas a powerful person, cutting tool to solder. 2.

Arc welding (1)CO2 protection solder uses those who wait at crock of canal of carapace of lever of car trunk, rear, frame, shock absorber a powerful person, beam, rear, transmission shaft, hydraulic pressure and jack to solder. (Solder of 2) argon arc is used at engine oil dish, of aluminium alloy component solder and fill solder. (Arc welding of 3) welding rod uses component of Yu Hou board to be like bracket, spare wheel wearing, frame to wait. (4) buries arc solder to be used at the pressure vessel of car of half bridge bushing, flange, natural gas to wait. 3.

Special type solder (1) friction welding is used at lever of car a powerful person, rear, axle shaft, change direction lever and the tool that follow a car. (2) electron beam solder is used at gear, rear to wait. (3) laser beam welding is cut use at the makings below automobile body motherboard, gear, spare parts to reach long edge to wait. 4.

Oxygen acetylene welding is used at the filling solder of automobile body assembly. 5.

Drill rod solder is used at radiator, copper and steel, of hard alloy solder. 2, the applied nowadays that new technology solders in auto industry, in auto industry advanced solder the technology is very much, adduce and automobile body are listed to solder relevant only here new technology. 1.

Of resistance welding energy-saving reach control technology (machine of spot welding of overhead suspension of 1) couplet body applies in auto industry most is machine of overhead suspension spot welding, a workshop often is a few or about a hundred, its capacity is in mostly 100kVA above, in car thin plate wide application received in soldering. (At present resistance welding machine uses 2) resistor welder in great quantities the single-phase alternating current source that communicates 50Hz, capacity factor of big, power is low. Welder of resistor of development three-phase low frequency, three-phase is sub rectification contacts welder (already was in common model the application in welder of spot welding machine, seam welding machine, protruding) with IGBT inversion resistance welding machine, can solve electrified wire netting lopsided and raise power factor (can amount to 0  9 above) problem. Return at the same time but farther managing electric energy, benefit is controlled at realizing the personal computer of parameter, can apply to better solder etc of aluminium alloy, stainless steel is difficult of solder metal solder. Still can reduce equipment weight further additionally. (The university of control southwest traffic of 3) resistance welding is aimed at rim of one factory aluminium alloy to develop rim to solder to solder PLC(can make up Cheng controller) intelligent controller, undertook transforming to original machine, solved aluminium alloy rim solder quality problem, raised yield of solder deliver a child. Hind same plant developed controller of PLC seam welding, solved ask to make to clearing commonly seam welding problem. Carry the development of these two controller, proved PLC comparing is odd a capability of interference rejection of personal computer controller is strong, reliability is high; Control machine controller bulk than labour small, cost is low, pair of solder that use general single-phase labour frequency to communicated resistor welder to finish tall difficulty and seam welding work. 2.

Aeriform protection solders technology (the key of the method of undee control law that 1) surface tension transfers is to use pulse of 2 electric current to finish drop of a frit to transfer, what pulse of the 1st electric current forms frit to drip and make is grown, till frit drips with workpiece short circuit; Pulse of the 2nd electric current is 1 short when narrow pulse detects ceaselessly its Di/dt, control voltaic pulse cost at the same time, in order to produce proper electromagnetism systole power, make frit drips cervical and contractive attenuate, rely on bath surface tension to be pulled finally, finish a frit to drip to transfer and do not arise splatter. (Control of weaveform of 2) inversion power source uses inversion power source to be moved goodly character and agile can charge a sex, use undee control, electric current is restrained to rise in initial stage of short circuit phase, the block up that drop of the frit when just forming little bridge in order to reduce electric magnetic force transfers and explode, reduce big grain to splatter, and benefit is in at frit drop bath lay open; It is when frit drop after bath lay open, make electric current rises quickly, shrink with be being formed quickly neck, later again slow fast rise to one inferior peak value, when making little bridge explodes, splatter decrease. (Solder of arc of argon of new technology of solder of 3) argon arc has blame is extremely fused (TIG) and extremely fused (MIG) two kinds, in all be being used at auto industry nonferrous metal and tall alloy steel to solder. The figuration that protects solder to improve CO2 gas and decrease splatter, use join 80% or the gas mixture of 20%Ar protects solder. 3.

High-energy bundle heat source solders reach processing technique is high-energy bundle heat source is the heat source that shows energy density already was more than 5 × 108W/m2 (electron beam, ionic bundle with laser) , there all is application in auto industry, the new technology that at present abroad develops has: (1) laser and electric arc are compound heat solder laser beam welding is received but solder gives narrow and dark welding line, arc welding is received but solder gives wide and shallow welding line; Former investment is large, latter cost is low, both character is combined, can rise greatly solder efficiency. Laser and electric arc are compound heat soldering solder fire design is particularly important, the included angle of two heat source wants as far as possible small, solder fire also designs laser + power source of double electric arc. This method already was used in the steel structure with 4 ~ thick 8mm, in planning to be used at weaker car assembly production and aluminium alloy to solder. Laser besides soldering outside in reaching accurate cut, applying, still form oil storage thin figure or remelting in attrition face compound layer, in order to raise wearability respect application. (The plasma that the applied argon gas of plasma protects 2) solders cut applies in each industry already, basically use at alloy steel and nonferrous metal treatment. At present air Plasma Cutting applies generally already at the cut of general iron and steel and nonferrous metal, plant of domestic railroad car introduced underwater Plasma Cutting, be out of shape in order to decrease and raise precision. Body of a powerful person of engine energy of life uses fill to encircle plasma to solder already. Come nearly ten years pulverous plasma v has very great progress, the layer stuff that can have small penetration ratio is careful v, can v surfaces of all sorts of special type alloy. 3, the development that new material solders in auto industry is quantified the compact with each passing day miniaturization that the trend develops as the car, gently, the application of new material makes car data is formed produced apparent change, material of prospective car automobile body still is given priority to with armor plate, to make plate thickness is decreased thin, will use high strenth board extensively. At the same time the anticorrosion function to raise automobile body, many car manufacturer on the world used galvanization board in great quantities in car production. Additional, still use aluminium alloy, plastic reach the material such as pottery and porcelain. Forecast according to concerning an expert, can not be in to this century end completely aluminous automobile body or complete model automobile body appear in production of big batch car. 1.

The plate that in auto industry discussing on the conference in branch of American Institute of Welding, galvanization armor plate uses solders when the problem, concerned expert points out, solder the method that galvanization armor plate has an outlook most is laser solders. But as a result of this process automation degree is returned now insufficient, the uses extensively contact in must perfecting auto industry chooses solder method. A large number of transition that the main drawback of this kind of method is the zinc in be being contacted with electrode in weldment and make electrode burns caustic faster. The electrode that the Cu-Zn that reason suggests to use aggrandizement of Al2O3 dispersion particle and Cu-Cr alloy make, can solder below the smallest reactance, obtain in order to assure the smallest solder contact dimension. 2.

High strenth armor plate to realize a car light quantify, improve car safety performance, high strenth spring is raising in year after year in the application in the car, nowadays appeared the material of high strenth armor plate of new generation -- exceed fine grain steel. This steel is planted basically point to the base that increases further in economic norms to go up, the intensity of steely material, tenacity raises one times than existing steel products. New generation exceeds fine grain steel to be had on constituent structure exceed fine grain, nobleness to be spent completely, the character of tall uniformity. Use two kinds at the new generation of research to exceed fine grain steel to basically have 400MPa class and 800MPa class currently. On steely to new generation research, our country and international level do not have what difference, it is to start at the same time almost, the lead position that is the same as world of coexist of two countries of day, Han. But as a result of occurrence time shorter, the unit that participates research so also not a lot of, advocate if study total courtyard and Tsinghua university machine with iron and steel,the department is given priority to. In steel of fine to exceeding grain solder after the technology has certain research, obtained a few advanced positive result. 3.

Aluminium alloy aluminium alloy has weight light, intensity is reached high fight corrode wait for an advantage, it is admirable housing materials, the component of aluminium alloy material also is being used gradually in auto industry. Aluminium alloy solders have 5 main characteristics: (Surface of 1) aluminium alloy has a compact oxidation film (melting point makes an appointment with 2050 ℃ ) , when soldering if fail to keep clear of its, will affect the fused quality of basic metal, form the quality problem such as be mingled with. (2) thermal conductance is big (the 4 times) that is steel about, conductivity is good, when soldering if want to achieve as identical as steel solder fast, solder when hot input should compare solder steel big 2 ~ 4 times. (Coefficient of 3) linear expansion is big, weldment has generation greater thermal stress, be out of shape the tendency that reachs crackle. (4) is easy occurrence stoma. (5) aluminium alloy solders the intensity of contact is reduced. These characteristics that aluminium alloy solders, be we solder in development equipment and solder the issue that should handle seriously when craft, only such ability development go the equipment that suits aluminium alloy to solder, material and welder art. 4, 1  develops the overall development tendency that auto industry solders automation is flexible produce what the system reviews whole auto industry to solder the current situation, analyse those who give auto industry not hard to solder development trend is: Development automation is flexible manufacturing system. And industrial robot, because of collect automation production and flexibility produce a characteristic at a suit, friend car production used a robot quickly in recent years. Soldering respect, what basically use is spot welding robot and arc welding machine implement person. Solder deliver a child produces a line to want high automation, use the robot that 6 freedom spend extensively, and the robot has solder clamp to store library, the diverse demand that can hold position according to solder or solder install the change of the product, automatic from store the library is caught change a clamp needing solder. Transform device already developed what drive to use nobody to be provided more flexible the reaction that convert is oriented car. 2  develop light combined-type intelligence car of automatic welder home solders level and foreign photograph comparing are far apart. In recent years, domestic automobile factory takes soldering automation seriously very much. The automation rate of 13 product line that amount to automobile body solder to hold a workshop like the nimble that one steam introduces amounts to 80% above. Each line by the computer (can make up Cheng controller PLC-3) to control, complete work automatically convey and solder. Solder by R30 polar coordinates type robot and robot of G60 toggle type are undertaken 61 times, robot drive is controlled by personal computer, number and character show, tape recorder is inputted and output a program. The movement of the robot uses the foreword pace contrail that selects a site, have very tall solder automation level, improved working condition already, improved product quality and productivity, reduce material to use up again. The product line of similar Gao Shuiping, have in and other places of Shanghai, Wuhan joint-stock reach introduce, the advanced car that included Germany, United States, France and Japan makes a technology. But these are far still after all the need that cannot get used to auto industry of our country nation to develop quickly, we must hold to technical innovation, develop quickly energetically efficient and energy-saving solder new material, new technology and new facility, development uses robot technology, develop light and address intelligence device, build efficient economy solder automation system, must transform traditional industry with the computer and IT, increase class. Believe, be in before long in the future, pass our joint efforts, of domestic automobile industry solder the technology can shorten stage by stage the difference that holds technical level with foreign advanced solder, receive WTO to bring the good luck of auto industry and challenge. CNC Milling