Silk thread cut goes to operate the introduction of machine tool place in

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1, line cut bed child go up of the setting inclined 5 degrees, the horn after the side that basically controls cutting tool is 5 degrees. In the process of treatment, when new knife is machined, the horn after general side is 5 degrees. 2, on mother chamfer model when the knife cuts tiring-room, cannot let molybdenum silk come up against bit in machining a process, the angle that should be cutting tool is more than the angle that processes diamond film, basically be in machining a process to avoid, bad movie of an ancient egg-shaped, the place of treatment basically is cutter hub bears the weight of namely that part of diamond film. The purpose is, when machining wooden floor to let a knife, unapt touching other position. Also facilitate bits is discharged in machining a process at the same time. 3, let a knife about making the summary of the knife alleged: It is the part of the get out of the way of knife of chamfer pointing to a mother. Should move molybdenum silk when machine perpendicular. The method with molybdenum silk perpendicular attune is, stand by clamping apparatus molybdenum silk, make molybdenum silk is stuck in the surface of clamping apparatus entirely. 4, the summary about inclined stage is alleged inclined stage, it is to point to go up the side in knife. When the purpose avoids to machining wooden floor, come up against other position. 5, about machining the detail that should notice in the process. 1) machine every time, the XY of scale numerical value that should look to stay time, when facilitating treatment the next ages, machine the judgement of quality, in the meantime, if give an issue, it may not be a bad idea is adjusted in time. 2) when installing workpiece, want the appearance cutting tool, and the surface of clamping apparatus is brushed, the purpose is those who assure cutting tool wait for tall sex. CNC Milling