Of sensor compositive change and intelligence changes a technology

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Summary: Sensor is one of technologies of 3 big core of information age, its development affects the development of a lot of high-tech domains directly. Article basis in recent years sensor and its are relevant the newest development of the domain, be opposite from the different point of view such as technology of material, electron, computer the development foreground of sensor undertook expectation. Sensor is the touch of human ascertain nature, provide condition and basis to people is known and control corresponding target. In information society, people to promote the development of social productivity, need detects with sensor a lot of blame n information, sensor is the parts of an apparatus of the crucial technology of flow automation system and information system, its technology level will affect the level of automation system and information system directly. At present the sort of the sensor on the world has 20 thousand about a variety of, the development of current sensor basically reflects in the following respects: The volume of sensor is minorrer and minorrer, development of small sensor technology is rapid. As semiconductor compositive technology is mixed the development of small processing technique, miniature sensor got developing quickly. Miniature sensor has measure tiny, power comsumption is small, start base of fast, cost, measure precision and sensitivity tall, realize digitlization and intelligence to change easily wait for an advantage, and it is good to make accurate, repeatability, easily compositive change, because this will apply extensively at project, biology and domain of boat cool one's heels. In addition, small sensor still can come true to mix sensor measure circuit compositive together, use at harsh environment to fall so that measure. For example: Capacitance type pressure sensor is a kind of such new-style sensor. This kind of small sensor measure circuit, reference capacitance and measure capacitance to be made together, and be in 0 when pressing, referenced capacitance is worth just the same with what gauge electric capacity, park is same in pressure field, make consult the capacitance value of capacitance does not follow pressure change and change. Use effect of new physical phenomenon, chemical reaction, biology to regard sensor as the principle. Company of Japanese summer general uses superconductive technology to develop sensor of magnetism of superconduction of successful high temperature, it is the major breakthrough of sensor technology, its sensitivity is next to superconductive quanta to interfere parts of an apparatus. And its workmanship is far simpler than parts of an apparatus of superconductive quanta interference, can use at magnetism to become like the technology: Antibody and antigen the change that in electrode the meeting when exterior encountering is compound causes electrode potential, use this one phenomenon to be able to make immune sensor. Whether can the immune sensor that with this kind antibody makes have this kind of antigen to undertake checking inside opposite object. American California university has been developed give this kind of sensor. Use new data. Sensor material is the foundation of sensor technology, a few new-style sensor develop scientificly as material and emerge in large numbers. High polymer polymer along with the size of the relative humidity of surroundings proportionate is absorbed or can release water element. The dielectric constant of high polymer is small, water element can raise the dielectric constant of polymer. Determine capacitor of make it of high polymer dielectric the change of capacitance, can reach relative humidity. Use this principle to make plasma get together sensor of temperature of lawful polystyrene film. Pressure sensor of type of capacitance of pottery and porcelain is a kind of dry type pressure sensor that does not have intermediary fluid. It used technology of advanced pottery and porcelain and filmy electron technology, year drift quantity is less than 0.


S, wen Piao is less than 0.

5%/10K, performance is steady, fight overload sex strong. The application of optical fiber is the major breakthrough that transmits feeling data. The ambient conditions change such as temperature, pressure, electric field, magnetic field can be caused fiber-optic the change such as condition of transmitted light-wave intensity, phasic, frequency, polarization. The size of the physical quantity such as the temperature that the change that measures light-wave volume can know to cause these change, pressure, electric field, magnetic field, use this principle to be able to develop an optical fiber sensor. Development of Harbin Institute of Technology succeeded " this new-style asking for sensor of double ginseng of temperature of pressure of half electric high polymer " . What what use is free base high polymer is one kind is pressed quick the high polymer stuff with extremely expensive coefficient, mingle craft parameter through what finishing adjusts planar craft, came true to be inside certain parameter limits, control of drift of delicacy of temperature of force quick chip is in 50/00. Use new processing technique. A few processing technique in semiconductor, be like: Craft of oxidation, photoetching, deposit, planar electron, each photograph guides the gender corrodes the plating that reach evaporate, splash shoot film to wait, in introducing sensor to make, come, produced all sorts of new-style sensor. If use semiconductor technology to make a silicon small sensor: Use filmy craft to produce a gas that answers quickly quick, Shi Min sensor: Use splash shoot filmy craft to make pressure sensor wait. Company of Japanese horizontal river uses each guide sex to corrode a technology to undertake high accuracy 3 small treatment, make pressure sensor of type of total silicon resonance. The silicon small pressure sensor that American SMI company develops, it ascends Huisi bridge to make Yu Gui diaphragm go up through etching for many times, when silicon diaphragm upper part gets power, generation is out of shape, resistor produces piezoelectric effect and overbalance, export as telegraphic as pressure proportionate number. Such silicon is small the forward position technology that sensor is current sensor development. Beijing of Chinese spaceflight head office measures the CYJ set that technical institute develops to splash pressure sensor ejaculation film is to use ion to splash shoot craft to machine metal strain gauge, it overcame metalloid strain gauge to suffer the inadequacy that temperature affects easily, have tall stability, apply to all sorts of circumstances, range of the medium that be measured is wide. These development of sensor are changed to intelligence for sensor, compositive changed directional development to lay a foundation, this also is the overall trend that sensor develops. Above all, traditional sensor cannot obtain the dominant position of compositive sensor, it is a simple sensor not just, its will assist circuit medium component and infect feeling cell compositive go up in a chip, make have calibration, compensation, diagnose the function with network news report oneself. The MPX of American Mo-torola company is this kind of sensor. And intelligence changes the sensor that sensor carries microprocessor one kind, it is microcomputer and the result that sensor technology photograph combines, it holds concurrently detect, the function such as judgement and information processing, with traditional sensor photograph comparing has a lot of advantages: Have judgement and information processing function, can undertake correction to measured value, error compensation, rise consequently measure precision: Can realize much sensor multi-parameter to measure: Have be diagnosed oneself and from calibration function, raise dependability: Measure data to be able to be accessed, use convenient: Know exactly about sth seizes communication port, as can direct as the microcomputer communication. Dimension of chip of sensor of ST-3000 of American HONYWELL company intelligence just 4 × of 3 × 2mm3, use semiconductor technology, CPU, EPROM is made on same chip, have at present static pressure, press poor, temperature 3 kinds of sensor. Arrive at the beginning of this century, technology of microelectronics technology, circuit of large scale integration, computer technology achieves autumn, photoelectron technology enters the metaphase of development, the new technology such as superconductive electron will enter the initial stage of development, all offerred the condition of development to develop new generation sensor. Can forecast: ① MENT technology develops high speed, make the core technology of new generation small sensor, small system, it is the new and high technology that revolutionary change contains in domain of technology of 21 centuries sensor. New-style and sensitive data will develop ② quickly, course of microelectronics, photoelectron, biochemistry, information processing, technology is permeated each other and use integratedly, be expected to develop a batch of advanced sensor. 2 times the scale of sensor and sensor system adds ③ substantially go up, compositive change, the main way that intelligence changes sensor and sensor system to become sensor to develop. Sensor of ④ general occurrence network. Acute component and the general trend that sensor develops are compositive change, muti_function change, intelligence is changed and systematization. CNC Milling