Aluminous material machines special cutting fluid

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In process of mechanical component production treatment, aluminium alloy material got extensive use. Aluminium alloy and major steel products and cast-iron data phase are compared, have a clear advantage: Succumb inferiorly intensity. Accordingly, the cutting force of the need in treatment is inferior, can not produce excessive tatty in cutting tool cutting rises below the circumstance speed and into makings comparing. But, the cutting function with respect to aluminium alloy, its flexibility can bring two serious problems: The first, appear easily the phenomenon of felt. Felt of aluminous qualitative grain arrives the surface of cutting cutting tool, serious effect adds workpiece surface surface roughness, or one is formed on cutting tool " felt " the tumour that accumulate bits, the tumour that accumulate bits can produce greater resistance, need higher cutting power consequently, formed bad cutting trace thereby. Felt and material are out of shape the speed of the biggest cutting in often deciding aluminium alloy is machined in cutting is mixed into makings comparing. The 2nd, extend a gender as a result of what aluminous material has height, it can be formed likely grow long strip crackle, meeting block breaks these crackle cutting area, those who make cutting process runs is difficult, what cut at the same time is drossy be taken away by cutting fluid hard. In another issue that the consideration needs in aluminium alloy treatment the high fever that is it bilges coefficient. The heat energy of the because of be out of shape and chafing generation in machine treatment expands quickly on workpiece, thereby measure of work of very difficult accurate control, and need greater cutting power. Accordingly, pledge to aluminium alloy material to satisfy machining to make bigger and bigger demand, and the cutting rate with greater progress and enter makings comparing, obtain taller labor productivity, use professional aluminium to machine cutting fluid technology, those who realize Gao Shuiping is lubricant appear quite important with cooling effect. Graph instrument of attrition of border of 1 reciprocating type is in process of most aluminous treatment, older cutting rate and can arise into makings comparing relative to thinner lube film, make workpiece surface lubricity can become poor, the main and lubricant mechanism that because this attrib border and lubricant character is considered as cutting fluid normally,should have. We use instrument of attrition of reciprocating type border (graph 1) , the attrib border and lubricant character of the liquid of a few kinds of cutting that in be being machined to aluminium alloy, uses undertakes evaluating. Give a metal to excise the serious condition that the likelihood in the process appears for bona fide imitate, during the test, aluminium alloy board temperature should be achieved respectively 50 ℃ , 100 ℃ and 150 ℃ , osculatory pressure should be maintained in 780MPa. Aluminium alloy surface the coefficient of friction when 3 kinds of temperature, surface of along with aluminium alloy contacts the quality of area, the test data of the attrib border and lubricant character that offerred fluid of this kinds of cutting to be formed in aluminium alloy surface. Graph 2 showed the result that uses tests of these cutting fluid function. Graph 2 temperature can see from which to the influence of attrition, the coefficient of friction of fluid of 3 kinds of cutting can undertake comparative when inferior temperature; As temperature rise ceaselessly, only Quakeral370 cutting fluid maintained good lubricant performance and inferior coefficient of friction. Because this concludes: In aluminous treatment process, when cutting area temperature rises, use Quakeral370 can be obtained lubricate best can. The lubricant character of fluid of these 3 kinds of cutting is machined in same aluminous capable person clear distinction also is had in the test. Use a diameter first for 6.

The broach of sincere carbon steel of 35mm undertakes bore to aluminium alloy of 6061 ~ T6, shank diameter of a bore with a reamer is reuse 6.

The milling machine of vertical of 3 axes Bridgeport of 75mm will have opening of bore with a reamer to its. In this test, the function of fluid of the cutting when the microcosmic surface surface roughness that observes after aperture of bore with a reamer is aluminous material to be machined in nicety provided best evaluation standard. From the graph 3 in we can see, expectant demand was achieved in the process that advanced cutting fluid Quakeral370 is machining surface of aperture of a smooth, high quality machine. FR-AL-070 FR-AL-VB-1 Quakeral370 pursues microgram of the surface inside the workpiece after aperture of 3 bore with a reamer to make aluminous material component is mixed aluminium alloy is machined the exterior surface roughness that the surface obtains special ideal, technology of fluid of cutting of need use metal will realize the lubricant condition of high level. Attrib border and lubricant character is a of cutting fluid main character, also be the main payoff that realizes craft target and machining quality. Maintain or while ameliorative aluminous material machines quality, be developed ceaselessly and use the professional cutting liquid that can offer efficient and attrib border lubricant condition, can make the cutting speed, whole labor productivity that machines a process into makings comparing and metal gets huge rises. CNC Milling