Beijing connects electric spark easily to machine equipment

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Beijing is connected easily is the research that major pursues electric spark aperture machining equipment and craft, in recent years, obtained the result of arrogant person. Afterwards finished alveolus of electric spark exceeding operational depth to machine the research and development of the machine tool to make in the initiate on the world, remove heavy obstacle from craft again, was able to realize the treatment of the alveolus of exceeding operational depth of big ratio of pit-depth to pit-diameter of 2m of φ 2mm × , among them the coaxial of alveolus of 2m exceeding operational depth spent index to achieve 0.

75 ‰ (0.

75 μ M/mm) international is banner level. On this equipment, the large flight that Beijing connects group of the boat in coming true successfully to be easily to become hair science and technology directs blade opens oily hole (500mm axial deep alveolus) treatment and alloy of nickel radical high temperature are deep-sea the treatment of alveolus of exceeding operational depth of high accuracy of oil drilling rig. Beijing knows the professional extent on facilities of electric spark treatment and craft easily, return body to indicate now report of Beijing Yi Tonggao level the electric spark of series double head of processing technique on line cut machine tool. Series of this machine tool uses Beijing to be connected easily have technical TCHSOCTW only, namely " common the double cut head of system walking along silk " technology. The key of this technology, the mechanical platform that depended on building machine tool of a kind of new-style cut of electric spark line -- common the lead plane of machine tool of cut of electric spark line of head of double cut of system walking along silk. CNC Milling