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Be subordinate to belongs to the Beijing satellite manufactory of the 5th academy of company of group of Chinese spaceflight science and technology, found 1958, it is satellite of world of the first man-made of Chinese " east is red " with China the first airship " divine boat one " absurd virgin soil. Through old effort, beijing satellite manufactory has developed become the state-owned and large company that pursues spacecraft technically making, structure of the CNC Machining of large metal structure that masters home to precede, accurate treatment, composite material is made, large Bao Bijin belongs to a structure to solder reach pipeline to solder, exterior coating, nondestructive detects and product of unifinication of development of on the star 2 power source, Electromechanical is developed and electronic outfit couplet have bright spaceflight. "15 " during, many war industry enterprises introduced machine tools of a large number of high-grade numerical control, but because engineering technology is backward at that time, fundamental technology and form a complete set and management do not follow to go up, the numerical control equipment of partial enterprise uses efficiency not tall, restricted the play of function of high speed machine tool badly. To raise the treatment efficiency of high speed machine tool and utilization rate, national defence division is versed in appoint efficient cutting engineering technology was arranged in plan of scientific research of national defence foundation special, begin a technology to tackle key problem with demonstrative application, develop industry of national defence science and technology in entire industry project of synergism of machine tool of 1000 numerical control, comprehensive promotion applies technology of advanced numerical control and digitlization compositive production technology. Beijing satellite manufactory (plant of satellite of the following abbreviation) the technology that regards spaceflight science and technology as the group supports an unit, take the lead in beginning this work, want beneficial result to treatment through optimizing cutting craft, got very good result. Zhang Jiabo of undersecretary of ministry of career of mechanical and electrical products of Beijing satellite mill but dislocation cutting tool aids force synergism to fall to be originally in the rough machining of aluminium alloy workpiece, satellitic plant is used but the hard alloy cutting tool that dislocation cutting tool replaces a tradition, those who realized efficiency and cost is double win. But dislocation cutting tool was raising rough machining of aluminium alloy workpiece to produce main effect to the efficiency respect of semifinishing machining. But dislocation cutting tool designs choiceness, the cutting tool in treatment happens when wearing away, need to change only bit and need not disassemble from the machine tool cutter hub, shortened greatly thereby the machine down time of the machine tool. Zhang Jiabo of undersecretary of ministry of career of mechanical and electrical products is engaged in satellitic plant machine treatment is old, he experiences to this quite deep: Previously, satellitic plant uses treatment of hard alloy cutting tool pitch kind spare parts, cutting tool wears away serious, and need often changes cutting tool undertakes repairing grinding. Not only such, finish model the time that the treatment of antrum wants many minutes 30 at least. And use Waerte but after dislocation cutting tool, model the treatment of antrum needs 5 minutes only achievable, and cutting tool cost also drops significantly. For example, machine the top bracket on spacecraft, need machines a many multifarious housing on the aluminium alloy material of a cuboid, material purify rate is as high as 80% -- 90% . When using hard alloy cutting tool to process this work, the long way of cutting tool is compared big (> 10) , machining complex tigidity is poor, cutting tool easy generation is oscillatory, treatment efficiency is low, machine a workpiece to need 2 weeks time. Use Waerte but after dislocation cutting tool, satellitic plant undertook optimizing to craft method, now 5 -- 6 days achievable the treatment of a workpiece. But the cutter hub life of dislocation cutting tool is extremely long, apportion can be ignorred to the finished cost on single work, and change the cost of bit is ground than repairing solder the cost of cutting tool is low much, accordingly, use cost the hard alloy cutting tool under the tradition. In addition, of coating razor blade wear away very small, interchangeability is strong, existence can optimize a space. A large number of orgnaizations in spacecraft of treatment of high spirit of economy, efficient turning are articulatory the treatment precision demand of kind of spare parts is extremely high, achieve 2 -- 3 μ M. To ensure these axes, dish the treatment precision of kind of swing tower spare parts, satellitic plant uses hard alloy cutting tool to undertake machining on advanced Xiao Bulin lathe. Carry out a proof, all-purpose cutting tool is nonexistent. Original, satellitic plant manages for convenient cutting tool, also use hard alloy cutting tool entirely in turning treatment. Because the bit angle of lathe tool is not real significance,go up " pointed " , contain certain radian however, and this radian is in of cutting tool long grind process Central Africa to often be controlled hard, although Beijing satellite plant has his cutting tool to repair,grind a workshop, but the use cost of lathe tool still is resided all the time do not fall high. For this, satellitic plant decides to try to have a change, choose a kind more treatment means of economy. Longer cutting tool life, fluent cut bits eliminates and shorter handling time is the very main index in turning treatment. After be being compared integratedly what the course tastes to much family property, satellitic plant decides to use " Xiao Bulin lathe + Waerte lathe tool " combination, process these rods, dish kind of swing tower spare parts. Carry out a proof, the dominant position that covers with tiles Er machines a respect in turning especially is very prominent, performance of product of its lathe tool is superior, have very good gender price to compare. In the meantime, turning expert of Waerte still helped Beijing satellite the factory plans and optimize whole treatment flow, find out weak point, promoted Xiaobulin the process capability of the machine tool thereby. The cutting tool that be not mark solves treatment bottleneck character tall, precision tall, batch is small reach treatment difficulty is great, it is the typical feature of spacecraft spare parts. If quality problem appears in treatment process, so whole workpiece will discard as useless, affect the production cycle of spacecraft and cost thereby. In addition, the appearance of a lot of components on spacecraft is distinctive, the structure is complex, average level cutting tool cannot satisfy treatment requirement, can use the tailor-made cutting tool that be not mark only. For example, need to extend cutting tool workpiece the reverse side to undertake machining in the assorted treatment of spacecraft cabin body, common cutting tool cannot realize this. To solve problem of this one bottleneck, satellitic plant used milling cutter of the T that by tool manufacturer Waertesheng produces chamfer. Milling cutter of T of Protostar N12 series chamfer is made by high grade high-speed steel, can use at T chamfer to shape milling, also can use the workpiece that turn over mill to carry side plane on the back, realize the applied requirement that common milling cutter cannot satisfy. The characteristic of this cutting tool is design choiceness, stability is good, treatment precision is tall, can satisfy use requirement, and delivery rate is rapid. In actual production, because machine the quality problem that causes dimension out of tolerance,be the crucial question that the worry raises treatment efficiency all the time, this also is company of a lot of production introduces European advanced machine tool however short of anticipates efficiency, cost house does not fall high, the main reason that does not go on manufacturing efficiency. To this, the point of view that Li Liang of institute of Electromechanical of Nanjing aerospace university teachs is very clear, the application of technology of advanced cutting tool must build the base that using actually, cannot copy foreign experience. Cutting tool of mark of and rather than must be an user according to using a case actually custom-built, this raised taller requirement to tool supplier, must a specializationed sale and technical service group undertake supportive. Current, the scale that the demarcate of cutting tool Central Africa that satellitic plant uses makes is as high as 30% -- 40% . Accordingly, plant of the satellite when choosing tool supplier is very discreet, reliable product is admittedly main, and reliable service and technical support also are must. Labour desire be apt to its thing, surely first benefit its implement in machine treatment process, it is very important that the choice of cutting tool and parameter are decided really, decided the treatment function of machine tool equipment and treatment efficiency. No matter how machine tool equipment is advanced, if do not have advanced and applicable cutting tool support, so its actor or actress different property also cannot be developed normally. In light of the experience with satellitic manufactory, although of the machine tool change cycle is very long, but the innovation of cutting technology is in however day crescent beneficial, the efficiency that this machines to promotion machine and simple measure have great sense. Of cutting tool choose need to be united in wedlock to machine a circumstance actually, advanced and applicable cutting tool adds reasonable treatment parameter, ability utmost ground develops the property of high speed machine tool, reduce finished cost. In addition, the technical personnel that produces a gleam of also needs to undertake knowledge is updated ceaselessly, undertake adjustment with machining means in time to reach use cutting tool to showing some. Offerring cutting tool product for the user while, waerte pays close attention to more how to let an user apply its cutting tool to improve manufacturing efficiency better. Zhang Jiabo of no less than's undersecretary of place refer, every outstanding cutting tool brand is having his characteristic and strong point, manufacturing company has a basis to the equipment condition of oneself and treatment requirement choose correctly and use cutting tool only, ability wins ideal get one's own back. With Waerte's collaboration, let satellitic plant benefit a lot. CNC Milling