Be safeguarded of Injection Mold Tooling daily and maintain skill

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Machine of Die Casting material, Die Casting, mould is the 3 gist element that Die Casting produces, be short of one cannot. Craft of alleged Die Casting is element of this 3 gist organic ground tries to be applied integratedly, it is good to make have steadily rhythm ground and efficient production give the exterior, immanent quality, the eligible cast that dimension accords with a design or consultative provision asks, the process of high grade even cast. 1, treatment company should provide personal details check to every pairs of mould above all, its use detailed account, count, nurse (lubricant, clean, antirust) reach attaint situation, can discover what component, component already damaged accordingly, wear away rate size, in order to provide discovery and the information data that solve a problem, and of this mould shape place of craft parameter, product uses data, in order to shorten the test-drive time of the mould, improve manufacturing efficiency. 2, it is normal that treatment company is noting model machine, pattern below locomotive condition, test mould all sorts of function, the model that will shape finally dimension is measured come out, through these information can determine the existing position of the mould, find out model antrum, model the attaint that wait is in core, cooling system and cent face, according to model offerred information, can judge the attaint condition of the mould and maintenance measure. 3, should to the mould a few main component undertake dogging mainly detecting: The top goes out, the action of oriented component is to ensure the mould leaves combine motion and model the top goes out, if among them any place stay because of injure and getting stuck, will cause stop production, what reason often should maintain mould thimble, guide pillar is lubricant (should choose the lubricant) that suits most, check thimble, guide pillar to wait to whether happen regularly be out of shape reach exterior injury, once discover, should change in time after; completes cycle of a production, the antirust oil that should express major of Fu of besmear of face, motion, oriented component to mould job, should take seriously especially to containing bearing of mould of gear, rack place is mixed the protection of the bounce intensity of bedspring mould, last in order to ensure its are in; of optimal job status from beginning to end as manufacturing time, cooling path is easy heavy scaliness, rustily, silty reach algae to wait, refrigerative flow path is sectional decrescent, cooling passageway narrow, lower the hot exchange rate between cooling fluid and mould greatly, increase an enterprise to produce cost, the clear behoove that because of this convection is caused take; seriously to to thermal current the mould, heat reach those who control a system to maintain the happening that is helpful for preventing to produce breakdown, attach most importance to especially so should. Accordingly, the belt heater that the mould answers to go up after every production cycle ends, strong pattern heater, heat bougie and thermocouple undertake metrical with ohmmeter, if have damage, want to change in time, undertake comparative with watch of mould personal details, make good record, so that timely discovery problem, adopt answer measure. 4, the appearance that should value a mould maintains, it affects the exterior quality of the product directly, the key is to prevent rustily, accordingly, choose a kind to suit, high grade, professional antirust oil is attached most importance to especially should. After the mould finishs manufacturing job, should note model to adopt different method according to differring careful cleared remains notes model, the remains inside cleared mould notes silk of usable copper club, copper and professional mould clear lotion model etc deposit, next airing. Ban clear with the hard thing such as iron wire, steel bar, lest cut surface. If mordant the rust spot that notes model to cause, should use muller abrade polish, and the professional antirust oil on gush, next mould park dry, shady and cool, store without dust place. CNC Milling