ABB goes out to taste new-style SCARA robot newly to be specific application design only again

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ABB announces unprecedented horizontal joint robot (SCARA) robot product line. These robots have an artifice, the target is a requirement fast, repeat and move accurately but the application that does not have big correlation again with robot technology. "Structural acquiesce does not have 6 axes robot complex; So we can offer the fixed position that has repeatability and method to dog in very fast cycle time. " Phil Crowother of manager of product of whole world of ABB small-sized robot expresses, "Below certain circumstance, repeatability is less than 10 millisecond. Career respect, through using ISO method of the standard, we can be achieved be less than 0.

The cycle of 4 seconds. " the biggest effective load of robot of     IRB 910SC is 6 kilogram, 3 arrive at a distance to be able to offer an alternative, have IP54 class the dustproof protection that prevent fluid. Robot of this thin arm can be inside a very little work space undertake operating, can install in the desktop. Of this product line so aberrant all design for modular, configure different join arm length, final user can choose according to specific applying optimal achieve a distance. Crowther expresses, the product on new SCARA product line and market has greatly different. The controller of standard IRC5 robot of the company undertakes controlling to new SCARA robot; And IRC5 big range is used at as a child the campaign that subassembly creates to whole department car controls application. A key that IRB 910SC robot designs depends on it simplify configuration created machinery to be able to be inside a cramped space the thin arm robot that undertakes operating. This new robot uses SCARA, select to nodding motion design for joint only. But its are nodded the most effectively is it is had include small subassembly, stock to carry what detect inside with the spare parts to make an operation. In addition, fast, precision mixes the total cycle time that it has dependability is advanced and characteristic, still can undertake tray is assembled, component is placed, the other application such as lab automation and prescription drug dispensation. Although the type of build or figure of this new robot is very small, but express according to Crowther, it had the high-powered method control like other ABB small-sized robot. Manufacturer people the necessity that ground of do one's best develops standard machine configuration to define mechanical equipment in order to eliminate to design oneself, change the Electromechanical an organic whole of the target solution and the most advanced control technology union to rise. And an example that the robot of this IRB 910SC of ABB is this one trend. The capability that provides the mechanical configuration that is used at specific application for module of standard test equipment can be created it seems that long-term but durative value. We see robot subsystem is gone to by firmer installation in mechanical design and process increasingly. If excellent Electromechanical unifinication performance is a target, so the solution of this type can realize machinery and athletic pilot close together confluence, and such confluence is automatic justice the solution comes true hard, unless their flexibility enough satisfies the requirement of specific application. CNC Milling