Numerical control process designing processes medium application in high speed

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Dimension: 80 × of 80 × rotate speed of 40 technologies parameter: 42, 000r/min feed speed: 15, 000mm/min wall thick: ? Plutonium] Shao? .

5mm wall is tall: 20mm handling time: 7.

5min pursues 1 thin wall the concept that machines example to summarize high speed to machine: High speed is machined (HSM or HSC) are the advanced processing technique that 20 centuries move toward actual application quickly. The main shaft rotate speed that is finger height normally (10, 000-100, 000r/min) , tall feed / move quickly speed (the milling treatment that can amount to 40m-180m/min) to fall. Wide application Yu Hang is empty on international treatment of treatment of component of spaceflight manufacturing industry, mould manufacturing industry, car, nice spare parts. Specific action: Solve the treatment problem of new material, get used to exterior quality the 3D curved surface with tall, complex form machines tall, precision, decrease and avoid the electric spark of take time, costly to machine, solve the treatment problem of thin wall spare parts, compound treatment still can reduce high speed carry the frequency, number that hold clip, the machining error that avoids to repeat fixed position to bring, rose to machine quality and treatment efficiency. The milling of common characteristic high speed of high speed milling uses high milling rate commonly, proper feed, small radial and axial cutting deepness, namely cutting bulk. Because in the many heat in metal cutting when cutting the bits that be cut is taken away, workpiece surface temperature is inferior. And as milling rate rise, cutting force drops somewhat, exterior quality rises, treatment productivity also rises subsequently. As a result of high speed milling afore-mentioned characteristics, craft of high speed milling has a lot of advantages relative to groovy treatment: The treatment precision that raises productivity to improve work and the treatment that exterior quality implements integral construction part are helpful for using lesser cutting tool treatment to be helpful for as a result of,processing data of brittleness of thin wall spare parts and high strenth, tall hardness afore-mentioned advantages, overall efficiency rises, quality rises, working procedure simplifies, although machine tool investment is mixed cutting tool investment and safeguard charge to increase, but the integrated benefit of craft of high speed milling still has showing rise. High speed milling is a sophisticated systematic project technology, it is structure of machine tool, cutting tool, knife handle, treatment a variety of elements such as software of system of engineering technology, control, CAD/CAM make used kill integratedly. With conventional treatment engineering technology photograph is compared, have higher demand to each among them index. High speed machine tool is the premise that realizes high speed treatment and foundation. The requirement that the machine tool that accords with high speed to machine a requirement should have has: High main shaft rotate speed (10, 000~20, 000r/min gains ground more and more, 100, 000~200, the high speed main shaft of 000r/min is in development development) , high speed and add high (decrease) fast cutting feed orgnaization (feed / move quickly speed can amount to 40~180m/min, acceleration is CNC of 1g~2g) , high speed to control a system more now (add decrease differ beforehand fill, make a present of is controlled before, accurate vector is compensated, optimal corner decelerate) , the safety of machine tool of high speed cutting defends with real time supervisory system. To cutting tool character, high speed milling must have security and tall wear-resisting to spend. Want to consider from the following respects thereby: Cutting tool material, cutting tool structure, arbor structure, the dynamic balancing of cutting tool. Satisfy the premise that high speed machines and foundation besides the hardware such as machine tool, cutting tool, high speed treatment also raised as taller as common treatment requirement to numerical control process designing. An application in elaborating CAD/CAM software to be machined in high speed mainly. The principle that the problem that when high speed machines process designing, basically cares uses high speed milling to machine process designing is main with numerical control servo, process data, place is concerned with the respect such as cutting tool. When use CAM system undertakes numerical control process designing, the treatment parameter with cutting dosage and cutting tool choice, right choice can be installed according to particular case outside, the choice that machines a method becomes high speed to machine the key of numerical control process designing. How to choose the numerical control process designing that appropriate treatment method will come to undertake high speed is machined effectively, the issue that needs a consideration basically has the following sides relevant: Before be being had as a result of high speed machining center, be inspected or preview a function, can shift to an earlier date in the machining center when cutting tool needs to undertake quickness turns undertake beforehand decelerate, finishing athletic rate raises again after turning. This one function of the machine tool basically is to avoid inertial impact too big, bring about thereby inertial be cut too or main shaft of attaint machine tool and of the setting. Although machining center of some high speed does not have this one function also can better land bears inertial concussion, but this circumstance the main shaft to the machine tool also is adverse, can affect the life of the spare parts such as main shaft. When use CAM undertakes numerical control process designing, what should use up all likelihoods to assure contrail of cutting tool motion is smooth with smooth. Graph the step pitch such as 3 dimension machines 2 curved surface sketch map because in high speed treatment, the athletic rate of cutting tool is very high, and the cutting tool that uses in high speed treatment normally very small, this asks to carry fixed cutting tool load in machining a process, avoid cutting tool overload. The can affect cutting tool directly equably life because of cutting tool load, wait to also have immediate effect to machine tool main shaft, in cutting tool load too big case falls to still can bring about a knife. Use more safety and effective treatment method and undertake safety checks desired result and analysis quickly. Citing is as follows: Knife handle, collet interferes an examination, assure the safe RE-EXECUTION WILL BE DUE TO PROCEDURE BEING SUSPENDED * PROCEDURE EXECUTION START TIME of cutter track contrail: 08/10/2004.

13:59:30 * See Set: NC Special Approx.

Faces * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * ENTRY POINT: X = -65.

30Y = 2.

20Z = 20.

00 * ENTRY POINT: X = -33.

64Y = 56.

20Z = 15.

00 * ENTRY POINT: X = -38.

17Y = 56.

20Z = 10.

00 * ENTRY POINT: X = -38.

23Y = 56.

20Z = 5.

00 * ENTRY POINT: X = 0.

00008Y = -51.

80Z = 0.

00000 * PROC.



88Knife handle of ABOVE THE CUTTER TIP (1 should tower above point of a knife 34.

Current cutting tool of 88mm) * EXISTING CUTTERS CANNOT AVOID GOUGING (cannot avert interference) * PROC.


13:59:41 * PROCEDURE EXECUTION END TIME: 08/10/2004.

13:59:4The process designing strategy that process designing of treatment of 1 high speed uses pursues 3 for high speed treatment offers rich method taking a knife to collect what consumed slips to enter, the means that retreat a knife is in Cimatron system, have enter variedly, the means that retreat a knife, if be in when outline, the way that has outline to into, retreat a knife, of outline tangential into, the horny branch line that withdraws knife and photograph adjacent outline is entered, retreat a knife to wait. What rough sketch should use as far as possible when be being machined in the light of high speed is tangential enter, the means that retreat a knife in order to assure cutter track contrail flowing. When undertaking machining to curved surface, cutting tool can be Z to perpendicular into, retreat a knife, curved surface law to into, retreat a knife, curved surface to with enter reversely, retreat knife and inclined to or screw type is entered, retreat a knife to wait. In be machined actually, what the user can use curved surface is tangential feed or better screw type feed. And when screw type feed cuts material, if treatment area is,go up big small, radius can reduce helix to arrive with feed subsequently appoint deepness, some CAM system has the treatment that is based on knowledge, discover after examining cutting tool information cutting tool has blind zone time, helix machines radius to won't be reduced without limit, bump into a knife in order to avoid (refer to graphic representation) . These provided comprehensive safeguard to the security of the program. Pursue 4 dimensional helix between move the knife collects what consumed slips to move what say here move the knife moves between the travel that what knife means basically points to is a hit the point, the knife moves between the annulus of annulus hit the point, the knife moves to wait between the layer that waits for tall treatment. Common CAM software moves mediumly the requirement that the knife does not fit high speed to machine mostly. Be like be expert at cut move when the knife, cutting tool is the law that direct and perpendicular Yu Yuan will come to to cut way all right more to move knife, pointed horn exists in rendering cutting tool method; Below the condition that cuts in annulus, the knife moving between annulus also is the law from original contrail to move directly knife, also cause cutter track contrail to be put in not flowing circumstance; When the knife moving between the layer in contour line treatment, also exist move horn of point of a knife. The efficiency that these meetings bring about machining center to previewed decelerate often to affect treatment makes high speed treatment does not become high speed to machine even. In high speed treatment, adoption cutting dosage is very small (dosage of side direction cutting and deepness cutting dosage are very small) , move knife carry momentum also can increase quickly. Because this must ask the knife rail of CAM generation is slash,move mediumly Dao Ping is slippery. In the Cimatron system software that in support high speed machines, offerred very rich move the knife is politic. Cut what smooth slippage knife cuts all right to move all right the knife is used directly cut circular arc to join. This kinds of method is be expert at be sure to cuts dosage (row pitch) bigger circumstance temporary lodging during a trip manages very well, be expert at be sure to cuts dosage (row pitch) the meeting below lesser circumstance because circular arc radius is too small and bring about circular arc a bit more adjacent, it is approximately namely between travel move point-blank directly knife, also bring about a machine tool to preview decelerate thereby, affect the efficiency of treatment, adverse also to machining center. Cut all right move the knife uses inside or outside side circular arc transfers move knife. This kinds of method can solve advanced face to use on certain level cut circular arc to move the inadequacy of the knife. But using very small knives (0.

The ball head knife of 6mm diameter) when having precision work, because knife rail is slash span is exceedingly small (dosage of side direction cutting is 0.

2mm) , make this method not quite good also. At this moment the user can consider to use below more advanced move knife kind moves tangentially the knife uses type of golf pole head to move knife means. The link of smooth slippage knife that annulus cuts cuts move the knife uses the circular arc between annulus to be cut with cut link. The malpractice of this kind of method is to be when treatment 3D complex part, because move,knife contrail is directly between contrail of two cutter track undertake generating circular arc, in span bigger case falls, meeting generation is cut too. This method is general and accordingly multi-purpose at 2.

The treatment of 5 axes, in treatment all treatment are inside a plane. Annulus cuts move the knife uses dimensional screw type to move knife. This kinds move because knife method moves the knife is finished in the space, avoided above methodological malpractice. The dimensional helix between the layer moves when the knife is undertaking waiting for tall treatment, the user should introduce screw type contour line between move knife. Graph treatment of 5 cycloidal type should collect what consumed slips to turn the knife uses light to turn slipperily knife and undertake moving glossily the knife is same, likewise as important as efficiency to making sure what high speed machines is smooth. Round horn takes a knife: This kinds of means taking a knife is not what takes corner kind newly, general CAM system has offer. This means suits high speed treatment relatively, the user should give use. Cirque takes a knife: This kinds of method is relatively advanced take corner kind, just like drive high speed racing bike runs on the freeway when, want to be in do not turn below the circumstance of loss rate and assure to turn smoother, along like establishing the island that make ring to turn. The effect when this kind of method is taking acute angle roundabout way is particularly apparent. Should use the CAM system with the treatment method advanced Cimatron that suits high speed treatment more to provide a lot of treatment meanses that suit high speed treatment more. If be in outline treatment, the user can use screw type the treatment method of 3 axes linkage. When using this kinds of method to undertake outline is machined, cutting tool cutting of one edge outline, be in at the same time fore-and-aft feed, this assured the stability of cutting tool load, cutter track contrail is natural also and flowing. Use cycloidal type treatment: Cycloid tries treatment is to use cutting tool to come along the motion of one rolling tread circle successive undertakes to spare parts surface high speed and small the cutting that cuts an amount. Use this kinds of method to undertake a spare parts effectively go up narrow the high speed of groove and outline is little the cutting that cut an amount, have very good protection effect to the knife. When the precision work that has a part, below the case that backs Nurbs code in machining center, should use Nurbs process designing. The data bulk of the cutter track contrail of such generation not only little, and cutting tool campaign is slicker also smooth and efficient. Use the outstanding function with immanent CAM a lot of CAM systems have a lot of high process capability, make full use of and dig these ability to machine the result that improves treatment greatly. Thick the function that when cutting, makes appliance has 2 rough machining between the layer to optimize. In contour line crude hit the point, because oblique plane exists on the spare parts, can stay on oblique plane have steps leading up to a house, bring about rudimental Yu to be measured very much even. Such treatment to sequel are unfavorable, if cutting tool load is inhomogenous. Although the system is had the analysis of load and optimize, but the efficiency that machines the influence after all and quality. Because this is undertaking thick when cutting, the user should choose to have function of 2 rough machining between outstanding layer, in thick when cutting, got Yu measures even outcome, offer more advantageous condition for follow-up treatment, also improved the efficiency of treatment. When final phase has clear root to the spare parts, the clear root that benefit appliance has slope to analyse is algorithmic, treat to abrupt corner and even corner distinction, use contour line to the clear root of abrupt corner namely a root of a Qing Dynasty, use root of edge annulus clean up to even area, can protect cutting tool better, acquire better exterior quality. When contour line finish machining, should use screw type to change the way of feed position, have feed mark with avoiding to stay in fixed position, make sure the whole that machines a result is admirable. In process designing process, should use effective knife handle to interfere the function of the examination, ensure the security of cutting tool. Want to choose to have the system that knowledge of semifinished product remain processes. The interference examination of this kind of system is more reasonable, because the system is a cutting tool information and the rudimental semifinished product that process last,have desired result. The reader can use the tool of result desired result that Cimatron system provides to undertake Yu measures visible analysis, accelerate make adjust treatment strategy and the decision that have complementing machining further. We can use the mechanism of automation process designing that Cimatron system has, make the treatment pattern plate with combinative actual shop, promote the efficiency of treatment and reliability. The control system that can be aimed at high speed machine tool at the same time weaves the postposition that suits high speed treatment is handled, directive NC program generates proper treatment code: Graph 6 make right treatment code last word as technology of high speed milling gain ground ceaselessly, more and more enterprises had begun to use this technology in producing practice, the lamina installing peaceful that is like company of famous sea Er group, Xi Hang the company. And the application that treatment of high speed milling is an integrated technology, process designing is a among them decisive job, also be the job of a creativity. Good product comes from the effective union at technology and experience and the ceaseless exploration in practice. For the company that uses high speed processing technique to beginning, should one suits, exploration, summary and the process that improve. CNC Milling