Library of knife of CNC Machining center and the common breakdown of the manipulator that change a knife and safeguard

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Library of knife of CNC Machining center and structure of the manipulator that change a knife are more complex, and move often again in the job, fault rate is so higher, the trouble that there are 50% aboves on the machine tool at present is concerned to it. Be like breakdown of knife library motion, fixed position error is too big, manipulator clip holds knife handle to be not stabilized, manipulator movement error passes to wait greatly. These breakdown cause the movement that change a knife to get stuck finally, overall quit the job. It is very important that accordingly knife library reachs those who change knife manipulator to safeguard. 1.

Knife library and the maintenance of the manipulator that change a knife should nod   1) forbidden overweight, the cutting tool of train in excess specified length loads knife library, knife or cutting tool and workpiece, clamping apparatus is dropped to wait when preventing to change a knife in manipulator produce collision. 2) order chooses knife means to must notice cutting tool places the order in knife library to want correct, the other way that pick a knife also should notice what to change cutting tool to whether need cutting tool to agree with place, prevent to change wrong cutting tool to bring about accident happening. 3) moves means to make up toward knife library with the hand when the knife, should ensure outfit reach the designated position, hold firm, the locking plant that inspects blade holder to go up is reliable. A zero place that 4) often checks knife library is proper, main shaft of examination machine tool answers position of the spot that change a knife to whether reach the designated position, discover the problem wants to be adjusted in time, cannot complete the action that change a knife otherwise. 5) should notice to maintain the cleanness of cutting tool knife handle and broach shell. When 6) switchs on the mobile phone, answer to make knife library and manipulator sky move first, it is normal that the examination works partly each, especially journey switch and electromagnetism a powerful person whether normal motion. The pressure that examines system of manipulator hydraulic pressure is normal, cutting tool is tightened in manipulator lock reliable, seasonable processing answers when discovery is abnormal. 2.

The primary failure of the library of knife of center of breakdown   CNC Machining of knife library has: Knife library cannot turn or roll is less than a; broach shell cannot broach shell of; of clamp cutting tool does not reach the designated position up and down etc. (1) knife library cannot turn or roll is less than a reason that knife library cannot turn to may have: The shaft coupling of axis and worm axis shakes ① connection electromotor breakdown of; ② transducer, plc of ③ of whether normal; does not have voltage of the input that should check transducer, output control output, the likelihood is the relay in interface board machinery of invalidation; ④ has joined voltage of electrified wire netting of close; ⑤ passes low. The reason that knife library does not turn to reach the designated position may have: Electromotor roll breakdown, error of main transfer machinery. (2) broach shell cannot reason of clamp cutting tool may be the adjustment on broach shell bolt becomes loose, or bedspring is too loose, cause calorie of close force to be not worth; or cutting tool to overweight. (3) broach shell is less than a reason up and down may be device is adjusted undeserved or machining error is too big and cause the malposition that dial fork truly; spacing switch is installed incorrect or adjust undeserved and cause feedback signal error. 3.

  of breakdown of the manipulator that change a knife (1) cutting tool places the incompact account that drop a knife may be calorie of bedspring that tighten claw pressure crosses small; or the nut at the back of bedspring shakes; or cutting tool overweights close lock of; or manipulator card is not effective etc. (The bedspring that the pine after clamp of 2) cutting tool does not open an account may be loose lock is pressed had closed to tighten, card claw shrinks not to answer: Should move loose nut, make the biggest load does not exceed rated numerical value. (Box of the main shaft when the knife is being dropped to change a knife when 3) cutting tool is exchanged did not return the dot that change a knife or drift of the dot that change a knife, when manipulator grabs a knife, did not reach the designated position, begin to unplug knife, can bring about the knife is dropped when changing a knife. Should move afresh at this moment main shaft box, make its return position of the spot that change a knife, reset changes knife spot. CNC Milling