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Fascinating heat shapes new technology

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Normal > shapes applied domain of the technology already was packed from traditional food, beverage gradually, develop the field such as medical treatment, car, not only such, in domain of traditional the application that pack, heat shapes the function of goods more already entered high-end field, become the ideal carrier that the product reveals. Normal >Thermoforming Technology Has Been Widely Used In Traditional Food&Beverage Industry.

Nowadays, it Is Starting To Penetrate The High-end Market With Applications In The Medical And Automotive Industries.

The Advancement Of This Processing Method Has Also Produced Containers Of The Highest Quality For The Packaging Sector.

Forming machine of economy automatic pressure is during Fakuma 2012, er of triumphant inspire confidence in sb (Kiefel) bring KMD 78 Basic of newest pressure forming machine to pack industry, when erect type design is producing of all kinds container, its can reduce deformation. Forming machine of automatic pressure of KMD 78 Basic is the adds newly economy model in series of KMD of Er of triumphant inspire confidence in sb, this model deploys what what need to shape only technical unit, can use at machining a variety of spare partses. Heater of its HTS pottery and porcelain can assure stability of quantity of heat to distributing, use the system of ancon lever drive via actual test and verify, be in shape and rush cut worker worker used dynamoelectric on yoke adjustment, so this equipment achieved economic ground production to shape all crucial requirements. Pull rod conduces to make sure drive component freedom moves, and repeat accurately strong cut operating sequence. The two class of new development rush to what cut a system to be able to undertake high accuracy cut. The stow device that can adjust adequately moves to coping from bottom, the spare parts shapes to be placed to be on a conveyer belt in the meantime. KMD 78 Basic can be configured quickly will get used to all sorts of product forms, can change to shape and rush quickly cut worker worker tool. Main shaft main transfer machinery is OK horizontal adjustment, adjust OK and efficiently thereby the length that produces configuration accordingly. This series deploys the Xi Menzi Simotion that operates through touching screen to control a system, of equipment the biggest shape dimension is 760 × 540mm, / negative shape a height most greatly 150mm, the biggest filmy width is 810mm. The chief inspector Harry Sanders that basically is in charge of the business that pack expresses, the client is bigger and bigger to the demand of automation, advocate because be shorter product cycle,achieve very high yield. "Citing says, when arriving at minutely 60-65 to turn, sheet relies on a worker to catch up with very hard operation, because this has individual client to must lower machine yield even, let a worker have time container. " he says. Meanwhile, sanders points to, machine must more agile, handle changeful production in order to help a client: "After these two days complete a plan, the client may need to turn to produce another kind of thing, at that time, the machine must produce pattern can quickly, simply with economic ground changeover. " to Er of triumphant inspire confidence in sb the outstanding achievement 2012, sanders expresses satisfaction. He points to global business not common, include and other places of America, South America, Asia. "Packing a respect, KMD machine is uptodate be advocate dozen, it is a cup of forming machine next. China and Indonesia are particularly tall to the demand of these machines. " algal - plastic heat shapes goods Dordan company is in the 3rd biology is plastic exhibit roll out on N Tell those who use ALGIX firm is algal - plastic heat shapes sample. The raw material of 70% takes the aquatic raw material that gets in the sewage that contains a lot ofnitrogen and phosphor oneself, and with different proportional PE, PP, EVA, PLA, TPS, PHA mix, the part with unique resinous of this kind of biology depends on it giving each industries (spin, agriculture, aquaculture, municipal etc) the opportunity of the sewage product that uses their value lowest. In algal fall with the biology of large water plant corrupt in the process, photosynthesis draws sun energy, change sewage nutrient into raw material at the same time can, usable do live thing the raw material in plastic and compound recipe. If get investing economy of made form etiquette standard appropriately, this one raw material can be those seeking become this getting on have competition ability, be based on zoology sex and can heat up shaping resinous people offers a feasible alternative. The Ryan Hunt of director of research and development of ALGIX published 2010 " small alga of education of industrial waste water uses carpet mill at biology fuel to apply " , and published 2012 " wait by duckweed large bleach what hydrophyte controls float to have but durative biology derives polymer material and thermoplastic compound " , it is this company the proof in advantage of innovation of field of engineering of aquatic raw material. Through research and development of a few months, dordan successful implementation is algal - plastic heat shapes, test and verify the applied possibility that flexibility of biology resinous diversity and heat shape. ALGIX is located in Zun Zhiya city, the mill of many 150 carpet that is located in here produces the contains a lot ofnutrition foul water of 1 million gallon. Study the job undertakes in Zun Zhiya university, hunt is the alumnus of this school, he proved the high growing rate of a variety of algal bacterium individual plant, keep apart the individual plant of small alga bacterium with a the most active part to be used at further research. ALGIX is discussing the production that enlarges raw material with company of local much home, the hope can make this one new technology is commercialized. Dordan presiding apparitor holds explanation of president Daniel Slavin concurrently to say: "Do not have almost at present ' biology colophony ' satisfy our client to be opposite the requirement of economy and product function. We are algal to ALGIX - plastic applied latent capacity feels excited, because it uses industrial trash to be raw material, with agricultural by-product disparate; Come so, the debate that people produces synthetic PLAs and PHAs place to need constituent with the ground about use agriculture is not applicable also, because this one technology is direct,turn trash to pledge for biology can. " FC780 E IM2 Speedmaster Plus is completely dynamoelectric hot forming machine, can use at producing the food container such as A-PET and R- PET. KOBUSCH of completely electric hot forming machine is a member of firm of partner of American sun capital. This is located in the company of Stanley and Livingston, again from Stabio (Switzerland) W.


The company ordered 6 model to be the forming machine of completely dynamoelectric heat of FC780 E IM2 Speedmaster Plus, use at producing A-PET and container of R- PET food. W.


From begin to enter market of hot forming machine 30 years ago, have wide equipment range now, the type that includes to carry the pattern plate below the bend inclined that decorates a border and the contain extruder online heat forming machine that are used at processing HIPS and PP data. W.


FC780 E IM2 Speedmaster Plus revealed dynamoelectric heat to shape the newest design of the machine, dimension of the oldest pattern is 780 × 570 Mm, the biggest shape to be ± 130mm highly. The place before be like is narrated, machine by drive of servo electric machinery, can obtain according to different raw material be as high as minutely the manufacturing rate of 54 total cycle time, and also reduced specific power consumption. The thermal treatment zone of sheet deployed fluctuation heater, infra-red pottery and porcelain heats the control division that the component contains independence, can make heat according to machining the different sort of raw material level achieves optimization. Through the compression of 8bar air and vacuumize shape, can come according to the order of the requirement process designing setting, can be between fluctuation pattern plate sudden switch. The product is cut off with heating steel rule razor blade, next automatic computation and stow. Contain music ancon to close of the orgnaization shape unit is guided by 4 pull rod bring, in the model dish 4 75 tons form on the dot control resultant force. This makes the mould closes stiffness is better, and force is OK reapportion, can shape in proper place at the same time and cut off. The height of fluctuation model is adjusted also is dynamoelectric drive, shape at the same time piece the dynamoelectric drive that motion also is independence. Nextpage contains music ancon to close the cut unit of the orgnaization is guided by 4 pull rod bring, can form 60 tons to control resultant force, it is better to obtain close stiffness peace face is spent, and the reapportion of much better cut force. Can numerate on machine monitor the size of the force that shapes to be used actually with cut. Through installing monitor of the clavier of the Control Panel on slip hand lever and chromatic LCD, can undertake all adjustment with the setting. All data-in and recipe can store in U dish on, can use printer to output port general at the same time all can inspect a page to duplicate to go up in paper file. This company developed a new software, mix through length of ply of raw material type, raw material, mould the data such as amount of antrum of height of width, product, model, can with self-adjusting machine parameter. This machine can consider all these parameter, optimize working total cycle time to 90% . This equipment body is compact, will electronic-controlled ark the dimension according to the machine is compositive in equipment. The mould top with special profit from gives bearing, handlers can be close to a machine more easily on the side, this facilitates the mould changes quickly. The most important is the new-style design that it showed a kind to have more transparent face. Through on the machine one new-style entrance hardware supports (Gate Manager) provide long-distance service assistance, it is modem connective upgrades, the advantage is speed taller and need not phone connection charge, ensured global limits is more efficient the after service that allows with essence of life. Type of all FC-Speedmaster Plus can be mixed with vacuum compress air to be machined below first-rate condition all thermoplastic sheet, include PS, OPS, EPS, PP, UPVC, APET, PETG, RPET, PLA multilayer or cut off sexual material. The stacker of robot of new-style high speed that GN rolls out brings taller stow flexibility and faster working cycle to heat up forming machine. Stacker of high speed robot GN heat shapes equipment company rolls out to be used at the contact to heat the stacker of robot of new-style high speed of hot forming machine of the cut inside type model -- RSX robot stacker, to be used at production plastic the GN3625DX that pack, GN3021DX and GN4532D hot forming machine bring taller stow flexibility and faster working cycle. Jerome Romkey of manager of department of market of the company that occupy GN introduces, stacker of robot of this one new-style high speed is to answer to the client asks and be developed, undertake designing according to quite high yield. "RSX robot stacker provided outstanding performance with having competitive price. " Romkey says. The type stow rate before new facility is compared is rapidder, and have A/B and A/B/C stow capacity. This company introduces, head of a favourable turn coming back can rotate the product 180 degrees, OK also stow hot forming machine is deferent the product of any appearance that come. Another important characteristic is X/Y axis can locate the center in sheet line, and the system before unlike locates his in right, make operation capability stronger, and can high speed transmits a component. RSX robot stacker has appeared on the market sale. The DX series of GN heats up forming machine by drive of servo electric machinery, cut food packs the ability of used APET sheet to rise significantly. GN3021DX (shape the area is 30" × 21" ) with GN3625DX (shape 25" of area 36" × ) configuration of two kinds of type is stronger, have taller productivity. The product with DIY conspicuous shop reveals Dieda Systembau, this is located in Germany expert of component of system of Home DIY outfit sucks model to pack production in its new ILLIG SB 74e-4 online and annual production is packed more than 200 thousand times. This company has production of 85 kinds of different products to sell about, these products are packed with transparent goods suction model and secure go up in black-and-white chipboard, pensile Kong Gu decides repass to go up in the wall. The stair that the new structure that the company holds shop cent to sell these adoption to suck model to pack to 1500 Home DIY that spreads all over Europe and building are transformed and renovates, protect column and balcony system component. The ceaseless development that ground of sex of the look up before this company can install his the market to offer comprehensive systematic component ascribe for Home DIY implements innovation concept and obtains. In recent years a typical example is " armrest and the system that protect column " range of products, meantime is the main sale pillar of Dieda. It only then use at indoor new-style metal to protect column bearing at be what install a design by oneself one kind first, 1998 Kelongjin belongs to Germany exhibit on goods Fair. Because get market height is approbated, began seriation production 1999, the development inside short time is applied to into indoor with outdoors armrest and the comprehensive systematic component series that protect column. During, this company offerred to be used at outdoor on its website " program of the computation that protect column " . Design software through what this uses easily, everybody can plan independently and scale their protect column newly and get a content spreads detailed list. This one detailed list conduces to in Home DIY outfit shop purchases place to want a part. Nowadays, these at the stair, system component that protects column and balcony using that use a large number of suction model packs the goods shelves that placed Home DIY to hold a store. "Sucking model to pack is a kind of very good way that pack, especially small-sized to ours component. On one hand, pack the product inside to see be clear at a glance letting a person directly. On the other hand, the client is almost OK product of bring into contact with, because of its prep only by the sheet place of a very small clingy products wraps Fu. In addition, the sexual price that attracts model to pack is compared very tall. " Dieda present executive trustee, the son Florian David of this company author says. Suck model to pack it is cheaper to be packed than paper box normally. On the technology, suck model to pack do not need any tools, because this does not need to make follow-up investment, this is a when suck model to pack main good point. "Technology suction model still provided very tall flexibility. For example, we can be inside a very short time the change packs the product combination inside. " Florian David says. The suction that this company uses the model product line that pack includes to feed material equipment, hot forming machine, follow-up automatically fore-and-aft with conveyer belt of transverse cut machine and exit. Laded the card chipboard of the product carries packer suction model automatically. Here, the kind that heating raw material carries bleed surely agglutinate is on paperboard board. What pass sequel next is fore-and-aft with transverse cut machine, production goes out need not again the end item of do poorly done work over again. The tall diaphaneity film that seals with Yu Mi asks very low heat seals temperature, solder interface intensity is high, have at the same time very tall be able to bear or endure puncture sex. Accordingly, although the high change of the component is very big, this is inevitable meeting inside Dieda product range appear, also can pack surely. ILLIG SB 74e-4 sucks model to pack a line the biggest shape the area is 505mm × 775mm. Its are important the characteristic is compositive those who contain punching function is fore-and-aft with transverse cut system. Installation is in fore-and-aft the control unit that goes up with transverse cut machine prevents bit damage through robot spacing. Installation of fore-and-aft cut razor blade carries orbit to go up in, can install in the machine the requirement of exterior reseau locally. Sudden switch technology can change whole unit. Cut precision is ± 0.

The position of the transverse cut machine of 5mm and punching device can be installed through the number and store, also can be when need again v, should lade when the component amount to card chipboard changes, this meeting is very helpful to handlers. When each paperboard board passes heat to shape alone can mix to transverse cut machine after workstation punching device locates afresh, this is meant " the lot size that produces " . In addition, the course is fore-and-aft with transverse cut pack need not undertake do poorly done work over again. Dieda has used the old model of existing SB product line before, had accumulated ILLIG to absorb the experience of model technology. "We are new those who use most the product line of the advanced technique is more more maneuverable than old model, in production online commutation product is gotten quickly also much. Additional, because use new drive technology, the cut precision of transverse cut machine rose a lot of, this made sure the product packs consistent high quality. " Florian David expresses. CNC Milling