HEC series machining center

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Sidalagehaikete section of of great capacity of company Si Dala division is special the motile of HEC 500 of medium-sized machining center of the company, HEC 630 motile and HEC 800 motile, by right of its outstanding technical innovation brings the greatest use value for the user, show itself in global market. The tray dimension of this series machining center arrives from 500mm × 500mm 800mm of 1 000mm × , can satisfy the market to increase ceaselessly to cutting power, to machine down time and the demand that produce cost to be reduced ceaselessly. The part with the X axis pillar of the crossed lathe bed of machining center, fore-and-aft shift and main other all uses design of hot symmetrical principle, ensure machining center has great cutting power and good treatment quality. The carrying capacity with limits of great distance, big interference and extremely high tray also is the technical advantage of this series machining center. In addition, the design of pillar ensures expedite platoon bits, installation is in of bottom of machine tool lathe bed wide the rate of the purify that cut bits with the extremely high implementation of the conveyor that cut bits that amounts to 1 000mm. Discharge bits to what working area surface lasts, can prevent the accumulation of cutting effectively, offer best dry type to machine a condition. This series machining center can deploy horizontal main shaft or stand / lie changeover main shaft, HEC 800 still deploy main shaft of lever of numerical control boring. Power of horizontal main shaft is as high as 67kW, torque exceeds 1500Nm. Stand / lie changeover main shaft can realize 5 treatment, lever of boring of length adjustable numerical control applies to great distance and the treatment in. Z axis uses structure of dragon door frame, guide screw of slideway, ball and measure a system to be located in cut bits and area of cooling fluid pollution besides. Drive of digital communication feed and linear slideway ensure the machine tool maintains good dynamic performance and long-term stability. The cutting tool of innovation is exchanged, chain knife library can be installed amount to 80 cutting tool, library of tower type knife amounts to 180, 240 or 320 cutting tool, cutting tool length is the biggest 800mm. The NC revolving stage of direct drive, rotate speed is as high as 80r/min, support many treatment. This series machining center applies to a metal to machine each domains of the industry, especially the car is made, agricultural machinery is made, cutting tool mould is made reach general machining domain, can use as onefold machine tool already, also can provide straight formula or library of circumgyrate type tray, composition processes unit, compositive to flexible in production system. CNC Milling