Super- grind forcedly -- efficient the first selection tool of grinding of high accuracy low cost

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Zhengzhou abrasive grinds those who provide grinding institute to develop development to exceed grind forcedly basically colophony bond diamond, CBN is ground provide and stone mill of CBN of bond of pottery and porcelain, King Kong provides two kinds big. Super- grind a first selection that regards efficient, high accuracy, low cost as grinding forcedly tool, already waited for industrial domain to receive wide application in car, bearing, electron, tool and machine tool. Diamond of bond of colophony of 1 main product, CBN grinds a colophony bond diamond, CBN comfortable grind hard metal at wide choice, super- hard data is complex piece, steel of hard alloy, high-speed steel, alloy steel, bearing reachs pottery and porcelain of cast-iron, project, ferrite, nonferrous metal, iron radical mould steel. Main product has: Parallel series emery wheel: This series includes 1A1, 1L1, 1F1 and 14A1 planar emery wheel (emery wheel is the largest external diameter Ø600mm) , basically use at making the same score grinding of the circle outside mixing. Grind emery wheel without core: Emery wheel is the largest 150mm of dimension Ø500 × . The grinding of state system machines the wafer that applies to big batch cylinder, round club, proper ply and thin wafer coupled column, if wide choice grinds hard alloy club makings, diamond is compound piece, ferrite club makings, accurate pottery and porcelain, water chip (set columnar record) etc. Treatment efficiency is tall, emery wheel wear and tear is small, work measure is stabilized accurately. Millstones: Ø500mm of the biggest external diameter. Comfortable at be opposite the double end panel of a state work undertakes grinding is machined at the same time, if be opposite condenser of lamina of pump of annulus of car engine piston, lamina, crystal board, core of a powerful person of cylinder bushing of home appliance compressor, pottery and porcelain and weather strip material undertake high accuracy grinding. Abnormity emery wheel: Comfortable the treatment at cutting tool of cutting of of all kinds metal, carpentry cutting tool and special cutting tool, like groove of broach of grinding hard alloy, get a tip, the knife of grinding polyester section, knife that cut paper. Emery wheel grinding can make curved surface, in order to get used to the grinding of all sorts of different cutting tool. Chip emery wheel: Ø300mm of the biggest external diameter, 1mm of the smallest ply. Comfortable the cut at expensive hard work, quarter chamfer and slot grinding. Emery wheel can maintain edges and corners for a long time to be worth R<0.

1. Stone mill of CBN of bond of pottery and porcelain, King Kong has bond of pottery and porcelain stone mill of CBN, King Kong is provided have grinding tall, appearance carries efficiency of sharp, grinding good, service life grows the gender and easily the characteristic of nap, suit grinding of efficient, high accuracy particularly, if grind component of tappet of shaven motive camshaft and crankshaft, car, compressor core, bearing,internal diameter is mixed guide screw of raceway groove, ball, tap and all sorts of difficult abrasive tool. Oilstone of fiber of 2 new products is one kind grinds a new product. This product is fought lose strength tall, use at dynamoelectric, pneumatic supersonic vibration is made on supersonic and oscillatory machine grinding polish or hold grinding polish, it is right the complex different such as handicraft of plastic mould, jade article model the first selection that the face undertakes grinding polish is ground. 3 grinding machine camshaft of alloy cast iron of example kibble Leng Ji: Emery wheel model: 25 × of 1A1(Ø600 × 305mm, CBNV) ; Grinding speed: 60m/s; Workpiece: Camshaft of engine of 6 crocks of derv (hardness is 45HRC) ; Grinding surplus 4 ~ 5mm. Compare with photograph of corundum emery wheel, emery wheel durability raises 100 times, service life raises about 30 times, manufacturing efficiency raises 10% above, direct tool cost is reduced 10% , economic integration benefit is very apparent. Thick, essence grinds camshaft of Leng Ji alloy cast iron: Emery wheel model: 22 × of 1A1(Ø250 × 152.

4mm, CBNV) ; Grinding speed 80m/s; Workpiece: Camshaft of 3 crocks of engine (45HRC) ; Grinding surplus 5mm. Thick, essence is ground finish, quality of grinding efficiency, grinding all reachs level of entrance emery wheel, integrated grinding cost is reduced 30% , sexual price is more congener than prep above entrance emery wheel. Grinding of car tappet internal diameter: Emery wheel durability 200, workpiece circularity 0.

4µm, taper 1.

4µm, surface roughness Ra<0.

2. Grinding of internal diameter of compressor core component: Replace an entrance, whole set emery wheel is used at importing product line. Grinding of bearing internal diameter: Emery wheel durability: Machine 200 / repair 1 times, manufacturing efficiency rises 30% . CNC Milling