Advanced machine tool, efficient cutting tool makes medium application in turbine

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Shanghai turbine limited company is the first turbine plant of our country, also be the large mainstay business of our country machinist job, it is now what with Germany Xi Menzi cooperates is medium heart joint ventures. Since 2003, as a result of the situation of the whole nation that lack report, the twice of order for goods that causes turbine increases, manufacturing task is very onerous. The equivalent that the company produces every year is 5 million kilowatt commonly, finished 8.12 million kilowatt 2003, finished 2004 1206.

90 thousand kilowatt, want to break through 20 million kilowatt this year. To finish these jobs, the company was adopted add advanced machine tool, outside increasing assist with the 3 big step that popularize efficient cutting tool, made contribution to raise the production level of equipment of Chinese power station. Advanced machine tool raises craft level since 80 time metaphase, shanghai turbine limited company introduced numerical control of Sha Sen of planer-type milling machine of numerical control of fort of division of milling machine of boring of numerical control of Italian flower Sa, Germany, Spain to lie early or late the advanced equipment such as milling machine of boring of numerical control of Er of all alone of case of drilling machine, United States flower. At the beginning of 2003, the current situation of the numerical control equipment that the company produces to home made in-depth survey, discover development of machine tool of domestic numerical control is very rapid in recent years, have good price performance to compare, because this bought a batch of large numerical control machine tools, the milling machine of boring of be born of TK6916f160 numerical control of factory of the planer-type milling machine of numerical control of 5m × 17m that includes Beijing north to control machine tool limited company among them, Kunming machine tool, Qiqihaer is heavy-duty the F5000 × of Inc. of numerical control equipment car of Shuang Zhuli type of 4000 numerical control. Of numerical control machine tool introduce make turbine workmanship produced fundamental change, treatment craft machines a method by simple working procedure, improve machine a method for multitask foreword, all sorts of machine tool accessory are used with machining working procedure together on a machine tool namely treatment completes the work that completes by several working procedure so. For example, on the crock outside 300MW high middling pressure, fall to be partly on numerical control Long Menxi, receive plant of mill of milling head of senior staff, angle square, versatile camera lens, tornado to wait for accessory through installation, can finish the cent in checking cylinder of surplus of each archives size, treatment the circle inside face and each archives, medium keyway of the screw that separate a side and fixed position aperture, bearing, two end each content such as all sorts of center bridge plane and screw, inclined hole, can replace so need before via underlining, the work that the ability of much stage machine tool such as planer, drilling machine, boring machine completes. Method of multitask foreword treatment has treatment precision efficiency of tall, production definitely advantage. Cylinder of tradition of get twice the result with half the effort of efficient cutting tool often is to be in ripely inside each archives after cylinder fluctuates to be met partly, use establish car or car to carry bed treatment. Cylinder is when clip of jacket establishing a car, build ear and school round tool through on face of the cent in desired result 4, fluctuate in order to ensure revolving stage of car of perpendicular Yu Li mixes face of the cent in the level semicircle is equal. To having the cylinder that hangs down to combine an aspect directly to be able to be only on car boring machine treatment is finished, but handlers must get cylinder splanchnic operation machine tool, method of this kind of treatment measures difficulty, the operation is disadvantageous. Current, the cylinder of high middling pressure that we hang down to combine an aspect directly to notting have uses two half departure, go up in numerical control Long Menxi at the same time treatment, the MAX that uses big diameter of Er of flower case all alone - I3 face blade can make over milling cutter, undertake Y, Z the circle inside each archives chatelaine mixes cutting of interpolation of two axes linkage, circular arc planar. It is ± only as a result of the precision error of axis of X of numerical control planer-type milling machine, Y, Z 0.

005mm, mill of essence of life is finished inside 2 hours normally, the error is not big, although cylinder is cent crock,machine accordingly, but after adding up to a crock, can ensure on cylinder, the relative position precision of below half, be as long as the error of axial of cover of two end steam with much 4m is only 0.

02 ~ 0.

03mm. The treatment that face screw divides in cylinder is one of the most difficult questions in processing technique. Conventional treatment method uses the tap that has groove commonly. Because the whorl of different measurement needs to use the filar dimension of different measurement, because this tap treatment is had,manufacture efficiency of this tall, production surface roughness of surface of low, workpiece is not easy the limitation such as control. Current, screw of face of the cent in cylinder of treatment of Shanghai turbine limited company basically adopts the following 3 kinds of methods: Mill of door of dragon of numerical control of plant of mill of tornado of special numerical control deploys special Ingersoll plant of NC120 tornado mill, this device can machine different diameter (120 millimeter of 0 ~ ) , different pitch, left dextrorotation and fair imperial whorl. When cutting, machine tool main shaft rotates can produce a prejudicial motion, enter up from hole bottom along pitch direction at the same time to, this kind of method, won't affect treatment because of scrap. Because arbor rotates quickly with 1400r/min,be in aperture cutting, accordingly, whorl can be machined inside cutty time, surface roughness of two lateral surface is worth whorl can amount to Ra ≤ 3.

2µm. Function of 3 axes linkage becomes numerical control machine tool certain whorl diameter is more than 120mm, the function of 3 axes linkage that uses milling machine of boring of mill of door of numerical control dragon, numerical control to have undertakes the helix of milling moves, through changing the size that the knife fills, can control the whorl norms of milling. Cutting movement and plant of NC120 of Er of flower case all alone are same, by fall to undertake helix cutting up. The whorl diameter size range of pipe bent that uses the function before 3 axes couplet to undertake milling is the smallest for M42, the biggest accept the restriction of limits of axis of machine tool Y only, we ever had machined M270 × on iron of door of numerical control dragon the big whorl of 3. Tap of bits of content of content bits tap leaves in its forehead have enough the lay aside that big look belongs to a space belongs to aperture, its work to be comprised by 3 parts whorl half, since the whorl on cutting awl thick cut action, the discontinuous whorl on cylinder has calibration effect, the complete whorl on cylinder has oriented effect. When although be in,blind plunges into treatment, cut bits to be in to hold bit by keep in storage inside aperture, cut bits and be kept apart thoroughly by treatment whorl surface, consequently the platoon belongs to ideal, make quality of thread machining surface is able to rise. To ease the pressure of machine tool of crucial numerical control, we get the content bits tap of company of use Germany Noris in common rocker, ever attacked cut a M10 × the whorl inside the big diameter of 3, work efficiency is tall, tap service life is long. On the milling of chamfer of the pressing plate that separate a side, step, special in cylinder appearance, we use paper-cover formula but dislocation helix establishs milling cutter (rough machining) , wave blade or corn establish milling cutter (finish machining) . Paper-cover type but dislocation helix establishs milling cutter to have can change the characteristic such as muscularity of the head that carry tine, cutting, apply to treatment steel, cast steel, cast-iron etc, it is efficient the cutting tool of rough machining, semifinishing machining, in treatment bit fights wallop strong, the space that hold bit is large, give bit fluent. Commonly used the milling at straight chamfer, step, special appearance. The treatment such as the pressing plate chamfer with extent deeper depth is divided to go up in cylinder, the bit of mill of high-speed steel milling cutter of wave blade or corn point is tiny, cutting force is reduced apparently, break blade not easily, because this can raise cutting speed and feed, treatment efficiency got 2 - of 3 times rise apparently. Type of drill rod solder hard alloy milling cutter is solder of the drill rod on the matrix in tool steel hard alloy, establish milling cutter to be in the majority with helix commonly, use the semifinishing machining at cast steel, high strenth steel and precision work, apply extensively at the treatment such as all sorts of pressing plate chamfer, keyway. Cutting speed is as high as 60 ~ 90m/min, every tine feed is optional 0.

04 ~ 0.

12mm. Beautiful of function of full point cutting, the parallelism of the chamfer after treatment is better. To raise efficiency of WECS, major lamina face is designed sectional the twist that treats Xie Gao to change face. Press conventional technology, the treatment of twist face is relatively sophisticated, require 12 process commonly, need to deploy a large number of clamping apparatus, shape milling cutter, inside the tool such as example of molded lines back arc, the technology prepares working cycle to grow, treatment efficiency is low. Now, shanghai turbine limited company uses mill of advanced 5 linkage numerical control face, use surplus of arc of the back inside purify of standard cutting tool and edge of steam of pass in and out via holding clip. Joint of ministry of arc face and top, root is carried on the back inside mill of essence of life, a working procedure can replace 12 working procedure of conventional technology, efficiency raises 10 times above, at the same time but leave out is many clamping apparatus, shape milling cutter and molded lines example, shortened technical preparation is periodic. My company shared the promotion project of 40 many efficient cutting tool 2004, create economic benefits many yuan 400, the company gives a project to share staff 40 thousand multivariate award. Although effects is not little, but this just took the first step, the way henceforth is very long still, the difficult problem that still has a lot of awaits us to capture. CNC Milling