Tuerke: The cloud that faces industrial application solution

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Ke Yun solution uses graph Er to configure data to evaluate beforehand, use at industrial task, data security and visible medium simple processing. Tuerke rolls out solution of graph Er Ke Yun to serve on exposition of Han Nuowei industry. The controller that data will overcome from graph Er directly and I/O component transmit industrial cloud. For this, tuerke uses the Kolibri agreement that buys from Beck IPC company recently, this agreement can ensure with industrial cloud add close communication. Accordingly, the user can be in Tuerke is saved in the cloud and evaluate manufacturing data - no matter be,monitor the task or optimize pull current Cheng and factory. Compare at other system, the advantage of cloud of graph Er gram depends on can be in controller choose relevant data conveniently through clicking a mouse to come. Subsequently, user interface can be in the cloud directly group of concentration arrange data, and undertake with chart form logic is arranged, need not any additional configuration. The client can choose to digest cost by graph Er efficient concentration is mandatory their data, perhaps select this locality system, tuerke cloud software installs the server in him client to go up. Concentration is mandatory model the system also can be registered by the user to define the cloud oneself. Carry this kind of kind, user interface can get used to the cloud the client's brand and company design. Serve the OEM manufacturer that serves as machine and factory option to hoping the client that is them offers the cloud, this version is particularly welcome. Tuerke is developing the cloud the other function of the solution and version. For example, use at controlling ark to install (IP20) with the spot (IP67) the industrial server of installation also is in the plan. The cloud software that expert of Mi Erhai Mu plans to review through self-study algorithm lets them is more valuable. This will allow a machine can as soon as possible discovers a problem (forecast a gender to safeguard) , offer the solution of the problem, the accurate information that using personnel of relevant maintenance technology to offer when necessary solves a problem automatically. CNC Milling