Cutting rubber group is adjustable cutting tool

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The cutting tool of article introduction, use treatment circle rubber packing ring. Attached drawing cuts the cutting tool that place of attached drawing of cutting tool of rubber packing ring shows, use treatment circle rubber packing ring. When using, knife handle clip is getting collet, according to the dimension of diameter of inside and outside of washerbed down the livestock, the close solid bolt on loose arbor, had adjusted the position of point of a knife of two knives respectively, get on snail clench again. Put rubber slab or layer pressing plate on board next, fixed go up in drilling machine workbench, actuate machine tool is down feed, can complete the treatment of washerbed down the livestock. This cutting tool, use central center to locate, make cut process stable. Knife head uses high-speed steel razor blade to solder to go up in arbor, horn of point of a knife 12 ° , blade is obliquitous - 10 ° , cutting special save effort. Because arbor is adjustable, can machine the gasket of certain measure scope. CNC Milling